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A lot of people break mesh in too much or can’t find a way to break it in.
Some people say patience is the way to break in your mesh. I say that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. When you get mesh, stretch it out a little, just big enough to be able string it to the side walls. After you have strung it like you always do, grab hair conditioner (like you use in the shower), a baseball, a butter knife, and a bucket of water. It helps if the conditioner is really cheap, or non-name brand. Those are said to be greasier, bad for your hair but better for your mesh. Take the mesh and start to rub a little of the conditioner where you want the pocket. Keep applying the conditioner repeatedly and dunk every 2 or 3 minutes in the bucket of water until it’s to your liking. When you can, start to use the baseball to break it in and try and get to the point where the baseball can be put in the mesh with a butter knife. – Submitted by Panda

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