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Hello my name is Steve. I am 19 and play with the A.L.L. team New Jersey Thunder. I just want to clear up a few misconceptions young laxers have.

1) Whip is not a magical tool used to make a shot faster. the only way to make your shot faster is through proper exercise and practicing proper technique.

2) Every lax head is designed and engineered differently, on top of that technique is different from person to person…so it’s safe to say a pocket that works for one person with a certain stick won’t most likely work for another person with a different stick.

3) The best head for you isn’t necessarily the $80+ head!!! You won’t believe it but I went through more than 20 different heads with more pocket variations than I can remember before I came across the jewel I use now - a brine rocket. I told you that you wouldn’t believe it but it really is spot on for me! On top of being one of the cheapest heads out there the mesh is old hard mesh stung by my little brother. It was his first string job and it’s awful but hey, it works! What I’m basically saying is don’t go out and buy all the greatest stuff you can find. It’s actually better to go cheap cause who cares if it breaks if you only spent $40.

4) Now that you have an ideal stick in mind and maybe even leaning against the wall in the corner of your room do yourself a favor that will guarantee success…DONT CHANGE IT!!! If you can pass, catch and shoot with the stick you have now, then don’t even think about restringing it or buying a different stick! The longer you use the same set up the better you will get! That simple! I know a guy using an original warrior blade that he got when they first came out and he is still using it to this day every time he practices or plays in a game. I have seen dozens of college sticks and a few pro’s sticks and there is nothing special that makes it any better than your own they are better not because they spent over $200 on equipment, they are better because they practiced all year round either with clubs or by themselves and train their bodies to compete at their level of play.

I hope I have delivered some good advice to young players. Keep Laxin’!

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