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For the past couple years I have been stringing heads. I have been playing lacrosse for my entire life. Lately, I have been experimenting with custom stringing, with variations of the McCools’ Grunk and Big word. Just in the past day or so, I have made three pockets that look ridiculous and throw amazingly. I ran out of cross lace for the pockets, so I strung all the heads w/ sidewall string, which I have found makes the pocket incredibly durable and holds a pocket amazingly. I’m not sure what I can do with these but I have been told that they show promise. Thanks for looking.

  1. A variation of the g-string pocket, a little pita, and a snook.
  2. The McCool Big Word knot sides with a pita in the middle
  3. A variation of The Grunk by McCool with a couple of my own twists




Here is a head I have dyed, pinched and, strung. The reason I did so many coils is because my mesh is too soft. Your site rocks! – Kenny


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