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It’s time for the 2009 E-lacrosse Stick Dying Contest! The deadline for entry is August 1, 2009. We will choose the very best dye job submitted and showcase the stick and it’s designer right here on E-Lacrosse in September!

Entries should include:
• Pictures of the head in its pre-dyed but prepared state (with stickers, glue or whatever)
• Pictures of the completed head for judging
• Description text of how you did it, your concept and what you call the dye job.
• Your full name and address, including permanent e-mail address
• A sentence that says your parents know about you entering the contest and are ok with it.
Send your entries to john@tonabricks.com

We will announce the great prizes from STX soon!  An extra prize will be awarded the to the best dye on an STX stick.

The contest is for individual stringers and not for Lacrosse stores and kids who just buy a head at a store already dyed. Parents may participate with their kids as long as that is disclosed. We know kids are better at this anyway. Remember that dyes can be messy and even ruin things like countertops, furniture etc if done carelessly. Pick an appropriate area to do your work, ask FIRST, and be careful! Send as many entries as you like. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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