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E-Lacrosse Stick Tech Q&A with Justin Skaggs #9 - Stick Dying Part 2

Join Justin as he and Kumar talk Stick Dying


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11 Responses to “E-Lacrosse Stick Tech Q&A with Justin Skaggs #9 - Stick Dying Part 2”

  1. Murphy Says:

    Hey, I’ve been watching your videos, and I restrung my lacrosse stick.  Before I had it with a weave and, two top shooting strings and I had one of the U-shaped ones that go underneath.  First off, I must say that my accuracy has to be 100X better than before, and I was wondering why I never saw you use the U-shape stringing that many lacrosse sticks come with.

  2. Michael Fitzpatrick Says:

    I was looking through the Stick-Tech archives and in Q&A #4 you used a “pocket screw” to adjust the whip on a stick. I was wondering if this was a “homemade” device or if it was a product I would be able to find and purchase. I’d appreciate any information you could give me. Keep up the great work! I really enjoy the blog.

  3. Justin Skaggs Says:

    If I’m correct I think I made one for a goalie stick tutorial, but I haven’t done any tutorials about putting U shooters into a field head. I agree that they are very useful; I personally have used them in the past. I tend to use pockets that have ball channels strung into them so I don’t use them very often anymore, maybe they are just not in the fore front of my mind. I would be happy to do a show about U shooters. Stay tuned and see what comes out.
    Take care and keep lax’n

  4. Aaron Hiebert Says:

    Hey, I have a warrior helix with a custom pinch. It is a pretty extreme pinch and I am having severe problems with the consistency in the pocket and the whip I am getting. I was wondering if you have had any problems with sticks that have pretty extreme pinches? I currently have soft mesh with three woven shooting strings. Do you have any suggestions for types of pockets and to solve the consistency problem I am having with the whip? Thanks again for all the past tips and keep up the great work!!!

  5. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Well Aaron I would say there are two things you can try. Its difficult for me to say what exactly the problem is when I don’t have the stick in my hands but I would say try hard mesh. Hard mesh maintains itself much better. Also depending on how pinched your head is you may want to think about sacrificing some of your pockets depth. By making it shallower you may find that it also has more consistency.

    take care/ keep laxin

  6. Justin Skaggs Says:

    What’s up Michael? You can grab one of those pocket screws at almost any lacrosse store. They are made by brine.

    take care/ keep laxin

  7. James Says:

    Hey, how you doing, I was wondering are you able to dye your net and/or shooting strings? I have a hard mesh pocket.

  8. Justin Skaggs Says:

    James, Check out Stylin Strings article in US Lacrosse Mag from January i think. We Did just that.

    Take care / Keep Laxin

  9. Bubba Anderson Says:

    Hey Justin -

    When I use my friend’s sticks after they get a new stringing job they seem weird to me.  I play defense and I want to know the differences in stringing for attack/middie and for defense.

    Thank you for reding this.


  10. Steve Says:

    Justin, love reading tStick Tech.  Quick question- do you have a good “recipe” to make a Vegas Gold from rit dye?  I can’t seem to get it just right…

  11. Jamie Fleming Says:

    Hey, I  just bought a Gait Recon Ti, its a fairly pinched head, but no matter what i do i cant give it a decent pocket, i tried restring it countless times, i tried hard mesh, soft mesh, monster mesh and mark mesh but it still has no pocket at all, so do you have any ideas of what to do?

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