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Stick Tech Q&A # 7 with Justin Skaggs

In this Stylin’ Strings Q&A Justin talks mesh.


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11 Responses to “Stick Tech Q&A # 7 with Justin Skaggs”

  1. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Hey y’all, Justin Skaggs here. If you have any questions you can post them in the blog spot below.
    Take care / keep Lax’n

  2. Matt Says:

    Didnt understand which is better, the 5 diamond or the 10 diamond. I Know one guy i play with has the 5 diamond and he says its a rough release, but he has amazing hold.

  3. Justin Skaggs Says:

    What’s up matt? It is not a question of what style is better, but rather what is preferred. If you want or need some more hold on the ball then try out some wide diamond mesh. If you value more of a smooth release then stick with the traditional ten diamond. Furthermore if you are looking for both hold and release then you can try something like an 8 or 7.
    Neither one is better than the other. It is all relative to the player holding the stick.

    Take care / keep lax’n

  4. Cody Says:

    Hey Justin, so I strung up one of my sticks with seven diamond mesh. When I was done, I decided to go with weaved shooting strings. After I finished them, I realized that the shooting strings were very flat against the mesh, causing the ball to slip out of the pocket easily. Got any sollutions? Thanks a bunch!

  5. Justin DJ Skaggs Says:

    Hey Cody, I can’t picture what you’re describing. What do you mean by “flat to the mesh”? If you are using seven diamond mesh you might want to try a coiled shooting string. Personally I stick with the weaved when I am dealing with wide meshes, but maybe you could try a very tight coiled shooter on top followed by two weaved ones.
    If you would like to send me a picture I may be able to help you more. Mail it to jdjskaggs@yahoo.com
    Take care/ keep lax’n

  6. wes Says:

    hey you should post a video on traditional strings, and the variations, like pita and corner ect. When my stringer on my team asked what kind of pocket i wanted, i asked him- like what? and he mentioned the pita pocket, the rocket pocket, the corner pocket and a bunch of others. i really need to know what these are. thanks

  7. Tanner Says:

    Hey Justin, I just got through a rainy practice and I got home and I new I had to put my stick into a Pocket Stretcher so I did. Along came the next practice and my stick didn’t have the ball hold it used to have and I was dropping balls like crazy. I have two Shooters across the top and a V shooter. So I was wondering if you could help me with this? Thanks.  

  8. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Hey Tanner, this problem is not uncommon. There are a few things that can make this happen. The first thing that came to my mind is that if you are using hard mesh it may be taking on too much form. By this I mean, if you are using mesh that is very hard, it will mold itself stiffly to the pounder, especially when wet.
                Solution: Break in the mesh as best you can, and if you have your sweet spot set, start forming a channel. If your ball has a forced rout out of the pocket it can give you more stabilization/ control. But most of all, you just need to soften the pocket a bit.
    If your mesh is soft and your pocket is already set then maybe you should retire the punder. If your pocket is well broken in you may be overdoing it.
                Solution: try stuffing a bathroom towel into your head. You can usually fit the whole thing if you try hard enough. This will dry out the pocket without giving it too much form. After the pocket is dry just use your hand and get it back where you want it to be.

  9. Travis Says:

    Whats up Justin. I’ve been dying heads for a couple years now. Mostly two tone dyes with some tape or hot glue. My girlfriend plays lacrosse and wants me to dye her stick in a tie-dye pattern. I have heard of using a turkey baster to drip the dye in specific spots, but i’m not sure how it will turn out. Any suggestions? Anyone?

  10. Vito Says:

    hey justin. i string my own sticks and for teaching myself i do a pretty good job but i am a crease attackmen and the sticks i string are more for middies. i was just wondering if you could help me string a pocket with good hold, nice release and still be accurate. any help is appreciated.

  11. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Hey Vito, I’m going to suggest that out check out my video on whip, and then go ahead and give yourself plenty. Whit is what is probably lacking in you pocket. It will give you the hold you’re looking for. Take care and keep laxin.

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