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Stick Tech Q&A # 6 with Justin Skaggs

Stylin’ Strings Q&A # 5 with Justin Skaggs - Head Pinching


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9 Responses to “Stick Tech Q&A # 6 with Justin Skaggs”

  1. ryan Says:

    Texas is following the NCAA rules!!

  2. Hassaan Kidwai Says:

    What is the best why to have the shooting strings in?

  3. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Hey Hassaan, I have two videos pertaining to shooting strings. The very first episode and I believe either the 3rd or 4th video. I hope they help you out, if you have anymore questions you can drop them in this blog spot here.
    And Ryan, I really have no idea what each team is doing, but it is good to know that good old Texas is safe.
    Take care / keep lax’n

  4. Jason Says:

    is there any way to pinch head without a stove, blow dryer, or boiling water? or am i stuck with what you showed in this tutorial

  5. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Im sure there is. I have had people pinch their heads by leaving them in their cars during summer. Of course that was an accident, but the lesson in this is that you can pinch a head as long as you have a heating element. These are all of the methods I have done over the years and I only want to speak out of personal experience. I would do a little research and or experimentation. Good luck and be safe about it.

    Take care / keep lax’n

  6. Keegan Says:

    Hey i was wondering what you thought would be the best way to select a different shaft for different positions, head too, and what you would recommend

  7. Justin Skaggs Says:

    What’s up Keenan?!?!?!
    Ok hear is the skinny on lax shafts. They are already cut to the specific sizes, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem there. Defense the largest, goalie in the middle, and Attack is the small guys. As far as specific size I would go with the market recommended length. I always played Defense and I wanted the biggest stick I could have so I never cut mine, but I know shorter guys who did so they could maintain a good sense of space. Also I know some very lanky Attackmen (cough cough Kumar cough cough) who left an extra inch or two on their shaft. They claim it gave them more torque on their crank shots. I cannot vouch for this but it makes sense to me. Lastly some goalies use a short shaft so they can move around in the net better.         So there is that, you have regular cuts and the reasons to alter them. Again I suggest you go with regular sizes.
    Alright now as far as heads go it is all about preference. There are some basic standards I suggest you follow.
    Defense: make sure your head is stiff enough to throw effective checks
    Attack: you may want a narrow head to avoid losing the ball/ to direct your shit
    Mid: haha find something in the middle, as a versatile player you should figure out your main role and choose on the head accordingly.
    Vague I know… but it’s a lot to type haha. Ill make a video about it eventually so stay tunes .
    Thx for the question. If you send me a video version of this question ill throw it into the next video
    Take care  /   keep laxin

  8. nick lavoy Says:

    what is the best way to string shooters and is mesh the best idea nick

  9. Hood Hair Dryer Says:

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