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Stick Tech Q&A # 4 with Justin Skaggs

Stylin’ Strings Q&A with your host Justin Skaggs


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6 Responses to “Stick Tech Q&A # 4 with Justin Skaggs”

  1. rob Says:

    I have a V in my stick will this change anything

  2. rob Says:

    and whats the difference between the way you string your shooting string weather it is a V or double V or the way you have it in the video

  3. Skaggs Says:

    check out the up comming video. i explain the shooting V

  4. LaxLlama8 Says:

    Well, this is a fairly good, but simplistic look at a mesh pocket.  While suitable for newer stringers, you didn’t take into account a couple of things:

    Channel- the tightness of a channel caused by interlocks/knots can really affect the whip, regardless of pocket placement

    Pocket shape- not all low pockets are low whip.  Many low pockets with a very “flat ramp” as demonstrated, will have a good amount of whip due to the ball releasing off of the first shooter.

    I’ll use the bike analogy again:  if there is a bump(shooter) on a very flat ramp, the biker will pop up off of the bump.  On a ramp with a slight amount of curve, the centrifugal force is enough to keep the biker on the ramp.

    Pocket definition- a very defined low pocket can have a lot more whip than a more gradual mid pocket.

    So I’d say this video will help an inexperienced stringer but it could also mislead in some ways.

  5. mjfitz Says:

    Justin, I was wondering if the pocket screw you used is something you made, or if it is a product that I could find and purchase. i’d appreciate any info you could give. I love the blog. keep up the good work!

  6. NICOtheFILIPINO Says:

    I’m so confused! but if you have that kind of whip wouldnt it slow your shot down? i was told that if your stick had less whip you would have a faster shot…

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