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Dye Contest Prizes from STX!

The grand prize for the best 2009 dye job will be an STX Proton Power on a ScTi and the prize for the best dye

ON AN STX HEAD will be an STX Viper2 on Vanadium Grip shaft!  See more contest details at http://e-lacrosse.com/blogs/sticktech/2009/07/22/dye-contest-extended/

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5 Responses to “Dye Contest Prizes from STX!”

  1. ryan Says:

    how do i post my dye job

  2. rodney Says:

    Hey uhh iif your dying a stx head can you win both prizes?

  3. Steffens Says:

    did u get my entry???

  4. Adam Gutierrez Says:

    How many entered the contest?

  5. Richie Says:

    how do i post a pic of my dye job? and how many pics do we need to have?

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