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Stick Tech: Lose the nylon shooter

I have a great tip for lacrosse stringing. Instead of stringing in a nylon shooting string as one of your shooters, put in an extra hockey lace or no string at all. It will give the head less hold but that can be fixed by tightening the shooting strings. It makes the head throw like an angel as well.

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5 Responses to “Stick Tech: Lose the nylon shooter”

  1. Kirby Says:

    bro seriously.. sometimes the nylon makes it feel like you have “click” or “catch”
    i just use three shooters (one a v and the other two straight) and it throws perfect and it is easy to fix if you have to much or not enough whip

  2. Evan Says:

    the nylon shooter is not a conventional “shooting string,” it is used mostly to reduce lip (the ticking off of the scoop when throwing). it does hardly anything in terms of control or hold, except when it is tightened down significantly, it will increase whip. if you are feeling that the nylon catches, then loosen it up. one does not need to “lose the nylon shooter,” some, if not most players swear by it because of all of the things it can do to improve the release of their passes and shots.

  3. toast Says:

    i’m a HUGE advocate for the nylon shooter. But everyone is different! I play with a good degree of whip but I also feel that the nylon really let’s you feel the ball release from your stick. definitely not good for a d-pole though…way different release and throwing style involved. I also enjoy a quick release, I feel that if I have too many hockey laces, I don’t get the same quick release or ’snap’ as the ball exits the stick. just my two cents…

  4. big Says:

    nylon is the best way to strengthen your shot through the way you string your stick. You get extra feel from the nylon, simulating whip and this also mean you feel the ball come out, increasing ball control/sense. Keep the nylon.

  5. Kiwi Says:

    i use 2 nylons cuz they just work…i mean i have 2 nylons 2 shooters and a v all on one stick

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