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Stick Tech: Camo Lady

I have been playing for about 2 years and have strung about 6 heads for me and my brother. I only did mesh but one custom for me. My Girlfriend just started playing and she bought a beginner stick and thought it was too plain. She is a country girl and loves camo and pink, she wanted something a little more ‘her’. I dyed the pink head half black and put in a traditional string job with a pita twist, with camo color stringing. This is what it looks like.  Submitted by Matt

Camo Lady

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11 Responses to “Stick Tech: Camo Lady”

  1. Some dude Says:

    Sorry Matt, but that’s not camo.

    Actual Camo: http://lacrosseforums.com/showthread.php?t=161440

  2. camo lady Says:

    that stick is my stick. and my boyfriend did a great job at making the string colors mesh together to make camo. with the link you sent me…thats not camo. MAYBE snow camo if you squint hard enough. but if you actually took a second to look at real camo (ex. mossy oak, realtree, etc) those are camo colors.

    so thanks for your opinion, but yeah. its camo and looks awesome =)

  3. sam Says:

    THATS NOT CAMO!But that does look cool and its a good stringing job!
    BUT THATS NOT CAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. camo lady Says:

    camo colored string– read the fine print. the website decided to call this “camo lady”. couldnt tell you any other way that strings could have meshed to look more camo.

    damn you people are mean and harsh.

  5. Matt (The Creator) Says:

    Hey. My Girlfriend asked for the colors and i did it. I did not give it label “Camo lady” Thats on E-Lacrosse. So do bashing on us about it. And for going to the local lacrosse and just picking out string and and doing this string job, its looks close enough to camo.

  6. Nick Says:

    Hey Matt, great job on the dye and the stringing. Instead of arguing over the definition of camo, I am going to give some constructive criticism. The camo and the pink don’t look that great together, in my opinion. They just don’t match very well. Also, I try to never make knots on the scoop like you did, because after a few ground balls the knots may break, and that can just suck. Still a great job and keep it up.

  7. Joe Says:

    Sick job.  It looks tight.

  8. mimic Says:

    dude she cant play with that stick. once the refs take a look at it theyre gonna throw it out of the game cause it has 6 diamonds not the minimum of 8

  9. colbz Says:

    i think it looks pretty damn good, but the only thing i would suggest that u do is interlock the knots on the leathers, and the shooters need a lil bit of work but other then that it looks deadly, the string colors were a good choice for the overall design

  10. rhino Says:

    needs to intersect minimum 8 maximum 12 times in the cross lace.  Put your shooters higher up and you will have better success.  Don’t get thrown out for being illegal.  If you are using a stick that is custom strung you are probably a decent player.  don’t risk it on the team.

  11. Laxer Says:

    was the head any color like most girls sticks before you dyed it?

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