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Stick Tech Q&A # 2 with Justin Skaggs

Stick Tech Q&A with your host Justin Skaggs


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4 Responses to “Stick Tech Q&A # 2 with Justin Skaggs”

  1. Jonathan Quickel Says:

    hey could you show how you guys string the top string and sidewalls on a regular pocket.

  2. Justin Skaggs Says:

    Sure. Just send me your information so I can give your credit for you question. Name, town, a team you are affiliated with and how. My email is Skaggs@stylinstrings.com

  3. Kasper Nilsson Says:

    Shooters are fine to use as bottomstrings.

  4. wes Says:

    hey i hope u got my email, You should do a video on the difference of 5-6-7-8-9-10-traditional-soft diamond mesh thnx

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