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The grand prize for the best 2009 dye job will be an STX Proton Power on a ScTi and the prize for the best dye

ON AN STX HEAD will be an STX Viper2 on Vanadium Grip shaft!  See more contest details at http://e-lacrosse.com/blogs/sticktech/2009/07/22/dye-contest-extended/

I have been playing for about 2 years and have strung about 6 heads for me and my brother. I only did mesh but one custom for me. My Girlfriend just started playing and she bought a beginner stick and thought it was too plain. She is a country girl and loves camo and pink, she wanted something a little more ‘her’. I dyed the pink head half black and put in a traditional string job with a pita twist, with camo color stringing. This is what it looks like.  Submitted by Matt

Camo Lady

Hey I just dyed and strung for my first time and it looks great. I used old strings from my brothers broken stick but it turned out great. Thanks for all the tips on stick tech. They really helped! Submitted by  Oliver.


homemade wooden shaft


I’ve attached a few pics of a stick I built. I made the shaft out of hickory and dyed and strung the head (Gait Chaos). The shaft has a hollow core. It’s light and durable. The shaft in the picture was used by my son last season. I sanded it, put on a new coat of stain and painted it for his new look. Submitted by Rich

Italia head

I have a great tip for lacrosse stringing. Instead of stringing in a nylon shooting string as one of your shooters, put in an extra hockey lace or no string at all. It will give the head less hold but that can be fixed by tightening the shooting strings. It makes the head throw like an angel as well.

Some heads have holes that are so small it is hard to fit the sidewall string through them. When you are faced with this predicament, melt about an inch of the end of the sidewall string with a lighter (ask your parents), then cut the tip off in the middle of the hardened end so a sharper end is formed. It will not fray and will be small enough to fit into any hole. – Submitted by James

A lot of people break mesh in too much or can’t find a way to break it in.
Some people say patience is the way to break in your mesh. I say that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. When you get mesh, stretch it out a little, just big enough to be able string it to the side walls. After you have strung it like you always do, grab hair conditioner (like you use in the shower), a baseball, a butter knife, and a bucket of water. It helps if the conditioner is really cheap, or non-name brand. Those are said to be greasier, bad for your hair but better for your mesh. Take the mesh and start to rub a little of the conditioner where you want the pocket. Keep applying the conditioner repeatedly and dunk every 2 or 3 minutes in the bucket of water until it’s to your liking. When you can, start to use the baseball to break it in and try and get to the point where the baseball can be put in the mesh with a butter knife. – Submitted by Panda

Stick Tech Q&A with your host Justin Skaggs


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Stick Tech Q&A with your host Justin Skaggs


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