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Tip from Casey

Your website is awesome. I love it! Here’s a tip for the stick tech workshop.

I started goalie last season and I really like it, but I want to dispel a myth. Dying your heads doesn’t mess up goalies at all. It doesn’t confuse us, and we know the ball is still in your stick. Good goalies will watch the ball when you shoot, not your stick. White on white is the best in my opinion because it blends in with the ball.

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3 Responses to “Tip from Casey”

  1. Mitchell D. Says:

    I definitely agree.  I’ve played a little goalie, and even with my limited experience and skill at the position, the crazy dyed heads didn’t really affect me.  Sometimes it made things easier.  For example, when the middle is all clogged up or everyone is going after a ground ball, my view would be restricted because of the players in front of me.  The kid with the crazy dye job gets the ball and I see a rapidy moving blur of color.  Even though I didnt see the shooter, I saw his head and the angle of his shot stand out from the crowd.  Really the dye job just amplifies your shot and acts like a beacon to the goalie.

  2. Clarence Says:

    Actually its smart for a goalie to dye his head or even use different color goalie mesh…Even as a shooter who works on his shoot everyday and has learned how to place the ball, colored heads and mesh for goalies can throw a shooter off because all we end up doing is looking at the stick…I will say this though you have to use more than one color as a goalie mono colors sometimes helps the shooter because all we see is two color and we can distinct a mono color from white…

  3. casey Says:

    no im not talking about goalies dying thier heads, im talking about shooters dying their heads

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