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Pinching and Dying - Reader Tips #5

Kasper Gallery

I’m a pretty avid reader of the site, especially the stick tech. Here are some of the heads I’ve done.

Hope you like them.

Also, here’s a good tip for getting off hot glue, which is always tricky.  Freeze the head overnight. Then pinch it with your hands while it’s still cold so the glue cracks right off.

- Kasper


Three Good Tips

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the awesome site you have. I have probably read every article here twice. Now for the tips:

1: Instead of using ball and knife, use a medium sized face towel and multiple knives/pencils/pens or whatever you regularly use. You can form the shape of your pocket easily this way, and it solves the problem I used to get all the time with ball and knife where the base of pocket is only the size of the bottom of the ball.

2: Stretching out mesh is the most important part of stringing. If you don’t stretch your mesh enough, you will have no pocket.

3. If you dye often, set up a space in your basement or whatever where you can dye without worrying about making a mess. Get a portable electric burner so you don’t have to make trips back and forth to the stove. Get your own pot to dye in, and always have containers ready to save the dye in, so you don’t constantly need new dye.

- Charlie


Pinching a head

I was just reading the section on pinching your heads and there’s another way to pinch your head without using the stove or places where you might melt the plastic. What I do is I prepare the head by using strings or whatever I have to pinch the head. Then I place it in boiling hot water. Usually I just put the water in the sink then leave it for an hour. Then you take it out and dry it off and it’s pinched.  - Peter

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9 Responses to “Pinching and Dying - Reader Tips #5”

  1. Tyler Schepers Says:

    Hey guys, pinching is nice and all, but keep your heads like they are and if anything unpinch. 2010 is comin up.

    by the way, kaspers  got sick stringings.

  2. Tyler Schepers Says:

    one thing though is playing with a deep pocket makes you a lazy player. keep your pocket shallow at first or else you’ll never learn fundamentals and never be as good as you could be.

    dying in cold dye makes the dye come out terrible, just a warning

    and you want your pocket to be in one place the size of the ball; it adds hold and prevents it from rolling around and losing the ball on a quick split dodge or even a slight check

    be careful when conditioning the mesh too, if you put in too much, the mesh will stretch to the point where it will become illegal no matter what.  i just take mine in the shower or if you have one a hot tub and pull it against your knee. string it while its wet. keep your sidewalls tight, there will be less of a chance of it becoming illegal in the near future

  3. laxology Says:

    how do you die a lax head a neon color?

  4. samuel Says:

    the black head with white traditional pocket and neon green shooting strings is a beast i would love to have that thing

  5. samuel Says:

    the yellow and black head is awesome. is it a proton power? i would frikin buy some of this stuff

  6. samuel Says:

    is the black proton with yellow shooting have a reallyy high pocket or is that just me

  7. samuel Says:

    i like that proton i think it is that has the black and white pocket

  8. laxsuperkid Says:


  9. lance Says:

    kasper has sick stringings

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