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Stringing Lacrosse Sticks - Stick Tech - Reader Tips #2

Stringing Lacrosse Heads

This STX Bionic is the first head I ever strung, which I did with hard mesh. I was scared to start at first because I wasn’t sure how I would do, but it was a lot easier than I thought. The pocket is very shallow, as I have not yet made a pocket.

The second stick was the first lacrosse stick I ever bought, a girl’s Gait Impulse. I did not know that it was a girl’s stick at the time since I was new to lacrosse. I was tired of the “traditional” pocket it came with, and decided to replace it. I put in the mesh from the old pocket on the Bionic, but the mesh was wider than the head, so I decided to do a “Landing Strip”-type pocket. Well since this was the second pocket I ever strung, I am somewhat proud of myself. It has a deeper pocket than it had with the old pocket (although it still isn’t that deep) and it throws with less whip.

I also have a tip for pinching a new head. If you have a new head and have not yet broken in the pocket, just do the “butter knife” method to make a pocket, and pinch the head at the same time. Drop it in a plugged up sink with some almost-boiling water for about 10-15 minutes, then drain the sink. Fill the sink again with cold water and let it sit for about 15 more minutes, add some ice cubes to the water if you wish. Afterward, you’ll have a nice pocket and a nice pinch!

Thanks for the site. Without it I would have never restrung these heads. – Taylor


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13 Responses to “Stringing Lacrosse Sticks - Stick Tech - Reader Tips #2”

  1. cmn312 Says:

    Im new to lacrosse and just got a cheap stick to just mess around with some. I got it pre strung but it came with excess mesh just hanging off the bottom. What do i do with that? im not trying to mess anything up. It just looks retarded. 

  2. Nick Says:

    first of all that top string it wayyyy too loose. If i were you i’d take it back to whoever did it and make em re do it.. tht can mess up your throws/shot more than you think
    but after that if there is still excess you can do one of two things… cut the rest off or fold it over to the back of the pocket (which i highly suggest)

  3. max Says:

    dude just chop the exess mesh off, leaving at least a couple of diamonds after your bottom string. Or you could just leave it, check out all pro sticks etc, most players just leave the mesh to flow.

  4. Tanner Says:

    K you should try curling your mesh just weave your bottom string through the mesh and soak the head in water then do the butter knife and ball trick. e-lax the BEST!

  5. Tyler Schepers Says:

    cut and burn it, then curl it up. fraying strings makes you look like you have no clue what your doing

  6. Tyler Schepers Says:

    check out any van obanion, max mccool, etc. stick, everything is burnt and neat

  7. Jeff Says:

    Obviously that mesh piece is not stretched out and who ever strung that( if it was you no offense) did a horrible job.  you need to make sure that if it is hard mesh that the mesh is stretched to the sidewalls or you will never get the full potential out of a mesh strung stick and it will not catch and throw correctly unless you are an expert skills. There are many sites including my own precisionpocket.com that will help you out and teach you. I try to go around to a bunch of camps all over to teach strining a lacrosse head becuase everyone needs to know!

  8. Jake Says:

    Go here, it’s a video of syracuse attackman mike mcdonald, you obviously need to learn how to string a stick.

  9. sam Says:

    worst pocket ive ever seen, ever

  10. Zach Says:

    these pockets are horrible
    .  the strings are way too lose

  11. Loren Abeyta Says:

    not to bad ya loose but workable id use it i like a string job thatll throw high but still do a straight sidearm

  12. pAXTON Says:


  13. mdh3 Says:

    do you know how to do the landing strip

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