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Some Original String Jobs - Reader Tips #3

For the past couple years I have been stringing heads. I have been playing lacrosse for my entire life. Lately, I have been experimenting with custom stringing, with variations of the McCools’ Grunk and Big word. Just in the past day or so, I have made three pockets that look ridiculous and throw amazingly. I ran out of cross lace for the pockets, so I strung all the heads w/ sidewall string, which I have found makes the pocket incredibly durable and holds a pocket amazingly. I’m not sure what I can do with these but I have been told that they show promise. Thanks for looking.

  1. A variation of the g-string pocket, a little pita, and a snook.
  2. The McCool Big Word knot sides with a pita in the middle
  3. A variation of The Grunk by McCool with a couple of my own twists




Here is a head I have dyed, pinched and, strung. The reason I did so many coils is because my mesh is too soft. Your site rocks! – Kenny


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39 Responses to “Some Original String Jobs - Reader Tips #3”

  1. kyle watson Says:

    How do you string a high pocket on a lax head or even just string a head?
    and what is the best head for a high pocket, an evo pro?

  2. John Sforza Says:

    Has anybody noticed that everybody is going crazy with the coil style….. I honestly don’t believe its that great

  3. josh Says:

    You can string a high pocket on pretty much any head, just keep the sidewalls looser on the top and tighter towards the bottom. Pound in the pocket with a ball where you want the pocket and keep the shooting strings loose. The best heads for a high pocket are those that have the more curved “progressive” types of offset…like an evo pro for example. I personally like my pockets in the middle of the head but that’s pretty much how you achieve a high pocket.

  4. ben Says:

    your string job should be looser at the bottom if your a middie or attack because they tend to cradel more than long poles

  5. Tyler Schepers Says:

    i agree with these guys, that is one strategy. but sometimes when you do it loose at the top it hits top and doesnt throw as nice. what i do is in between sidewall holes at about the middle of the head, string 2 mesh wholes instead of one, if that makes sense. and ben is completely right, if your an attackman or middie, your gona want a low-mid pocket

  6. Jeff Says:

    Thats is true on both ends, though if you are an attackman I believe the pocket should be higher up in the pocket giving you a quicker release on shots and passes although the pocket is also dependent on how you throw, catch, and cradle as everyones style is different. All in all while stringing a traditional style pocket you need to be aware that the coils will not cause the ball to release smoothly and will create rough spots. COils should only be used to connect to the sidewall. Making sure that the diamonds are spaced properly will ensure a faster more accurate shot.

  7. samuel Says:

    hey u guys have some awesome tips but i was wondering if any of u thot that u could tell me how to get a higher pocket on my lacrosse stick and how to make the mesh softer cuz i just needed some help with that but i have a red proton power with 6 diamond and its beast

  8. samuel Says:

    this head that is strung with blue mesh is raw

  9. samuel Says:

    what kinda head is that blue mesh on

  10. samuel Says:

    i love that head with blue traditional stringing on it, i would buy it?
    where are you from?

  11. samuel Says:

    where can u buy a traditional stringing kit that u strung ur head with cuz i luv it

  12. samuel Says:

    hey james whats ur email

  13. samuel Says:

    never mind james i dont want the head that is strung with blue traditional stringing

  14. Loren Abeyta Says:

    i have a brine answer with ultra mesh so i have problems keeping a higher pocket i try all of these websites and nothing helps if you can help me out it would be great. i play atk and mid.

  15. Loren Abeyta Says:

    also when i pinch a stick it usually goes back to normal after awile

  16. Jeff R Says:

    It all depends on how you lace the sidewall strings to make sure that the pocket is holding up high. if you want the pocket to stay higher you need to resort to a different mesh such as a hard mesh. it will keep the pocket in the position that you want it longer. The ultra will go dull after awhile and get soft and you pocket will be all over place.
    Now a higher placed pocket will give a quick release but will not hold the ball in the stick if you are moving or dodgeing the the stick parallel to your body. You can also try a traditional strung head or similar to give the higher pocet that you like.
    My take on the brine answer is mainly a faceoff head because it can get flimsy and the pocket can get warped.
    When you pinch a head it will not always stay pinched. When I pinch heads After i heat themand pinch to the right consistantcy i want I immeditly tie it in place and throw it in the freezer so that the heating process stops and your head is set where is wants to. Also avoid putting all you equipment on your stick and leaning on the head.

  17. Loren Abeyta Says:

    ok cool my answer is awsome but how bout 6 diamond mesh i considered hard but i wish i could find it without ordering it. and whe ni pinch whell i cant do it now cause of summer ut i stuck it by the heater untill flexible then zip tyed it with a pencil at top then set it by the heater for awile then in freezer till cold or 30 min. and  wanna learn or but some sort of mest like traditional like you said  or rock it pocket and so on. i love the answer perfect stick!

  18. Loren Abeyta Says:

    what one of these wold work to make my mesh harder

    washing and drying
    boiling sugar water
    spray paint

    try to get me you answers

  19. Jeff R Says:

    Are you hardening a soft mesh or hard mesh or canadian? It all depends. Personally the best way would be to restring it with a hard mesh instead of hardening a soft mesh, but Id say the spray paint is the best out of those. I can send you some mesh for $5 dollars or you can order it through where I get mine to string which is http://www.jimalax.com they sell stringing kits or just mesh or string if you need to get it. That would be the best way to go, because using any of thoase methods will ultimatly start to wear out the mesh and the more you do it and use it the easier it will be to tear in the most inopportune places.

  20. Loren Abeyta Says:

    ya but i was told jimlax mesh tore alot and itwas the ultra i was saying i just tried washing it that didnt work but black mesh and all of those are rubbery and suck i would do carolina blue hard mesh and later 6 diamond and a brine pocket stretcher

  21. Jeff R Says:

    I use jimalax and have not had any problems. It also depends on how you string it as well. You can always try a traditional style versus mesh if you want to that route. But if you use your head throughour an entire season it is not uncommon to have to replace the mesh more than once.

  22. samuel Says:

    ok.u gotta see my stik cuz its frikin raw

  23. Loren Abeyta Says:

    whell i am goanna get a kit prob cause my mom thinks for a few dollars more might as whell get the whole nine yards so jimlax is great mesh that is as good as brine hard mesh?

  24. Jeff R Says:

    Oh yeah definatly. They probably get all there stock from brine or warrior or stx no doubt

  25. Loren Abeyta Says:

    whell i am goanna get a kit prob cause my mom thinks for a few dollars more might as whell get the whole nine yards so jimlax is great mesh that is as good as brine hard mesh?
    also does jimlax give you throw-ins cause i heard people say that?

  26. Loren Abeyta Says:

    whell i dont want stx  or warrior mesh i wanted brine something reliable you know

  27. samuel Says:

    man i want that guys head that is shown above!!!!!! hey james wats ur email or something so that i can contact you

  28. Loren Says:

    i know that stick is sweet

  29. samuel Says:

    yup. i wanna get that suy’s attention. is there any info mentioned on how to reach that guy cuz i dont see any?

  30. samuel Says:

    yup. i wanna get that guy’s attention. is there any info mentioned on how to reach that guy cuz i dont see any?

  31. Loren Abeyta Says:


  32. patrick Says:

    hey that samuel dude is a bit annoying. anyways sick head u got some talent i like this alot

  33. Loren Abeyta Says:


  34. Trexler Says:

    high pockets are good for about 2 games but then they clunk. put the pocket where the sidewalls flare and get wider. It will give you a perfact pocket and hold. 

  35. hayden Says:

    could i send my head to u to string? i will pay

  36. casey Says:

    to string a high pocket, double up at the top of the head. look on the lacrosse forums under stick doctors lounge to find out how

  37. evan Says:

    low pockets shoot much faster than high pockets just everyone thinks high pockets shoot faster because they have quick release

  38. Wazzy Says:

    If your an attackman and you want a high pocket u are retarded
    You want a really low pocket so when you cradle one handed it rests on the bottom of the head

  39. Dillon Says:

    What are the benifits of the coil style? and how long did that take you?

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