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They did it again! Somehow the Virginia cavaliers managed not to win the national championship, while fielding the best team in the country. Where did they go wrong? The face off X has been a problem for the Cavs for three seasons now. Delaware’s Alex Smith is a breathing example of just how important a consistent fogo can be to a teams NCAA championship run. Chad Gaudet did a fantastic job throughout the season as the starting draw man for the Cavs, but the problem was Virginia’s inability to be versatile at the face off X. It seemed Dome Starsia was hesitant to put in former starting draw man Garret Ince. Ince has an effective fogo move, in a rather interesting stance where his knees touch the ground. The lack of fluidity between the two fogos lead to a situation, in which the Cavs, with the firing power of senior all American seniors Danny Glading, Garrett Billings, and silky smooth Steele Stanwick, couldn’t get possession of the ball. The Cavalier midfield began to force shots, like those taken by Shamel Bratton, and it seemed they couldn’t settle till the third and fourth quarter, at which point Cornell had such a significant lead, not even Danny Glading could save the day. As an adamant UVA lacrosse fan, it was truly disappointing to see all those seniors go home without an NCAA trophy to finish their college careers, because they truly were the best team. Depending on the improvement of Ryan Benincasa this upcoming fall, a sophomore from Greenwich Ct (an area that seems to be mass producing division 1 lacrosse players as of late) and the consistency of Ince, it may be that the Cavs finally have their go to fogos. I find it difficult to argue that if the fogo situation had been tended to much earlier in the season, Virginia would be crowned champions once again. However, it won’t be back to the drawing board for Dom Starsia, next season’s team will be NCAA championship contenders yet again. The key to Virginia’s game is their speed Starsia himself has explained how he loves to break down opponents by playing a high speed game. The speedsters Rhamel and Shamel will continue to add a high power tempo, along with the maturing underclassmen, like shifty attackmen Chris Bocklet, and big man John Haldy. The midfield will be anchored by the Brattons and Brian Caroll, but it should also be expected that Maryland native George Huguely will be taking a leading role in his senior season, as a he was a big contributor to the Cavs this past season. Depending on their performance in the fall, Brian Pomper, and Brian Mclinden will make a big impact at the second midfield line. I strongly believe that Dom Starsia and the boys are taking home yet another NCAA trophy at the end of next season.

Jay Gats

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