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OK, so it doesn’t have the same ring that March Madness does. However, could a May Madness style promotion up the ante for lacrosse?

Upping the ante is exactly what has worked for basketball. Since the NCAA D1 basketball bracket gambling started, the gambling has grown, so has the following of the tournament. It is simple to fill out, simple scoring, and is socially acceptable. Everyone does it from CEOs to High School kids; soccer moms…even the President of the United States, Barack Obama shared his bracket picks this year.

Just so we are clear before I go any further. The NC$$ stance on gambling is that it is not OK. They even produced a multi-media campaign against it. Funny how I saw multiple Budweiser and pizza commercials while watching the games, yet I don’t recall any NCAA commercials telling the viewers gambling is bad…mmm-kay.

I guess when they are making over $500 Million per year, they take the Bud Selig approach with steroids.

This year, I say lets do it for lacrosse. Get a company like Dick’s or Gatorade to hold a free bracketology for lacrosse (that way no one is gambling per se). Dish out gift cards for the winners. It would need to be a non-lacrosse company. I mean we want not only lacrosse fans, but new blood entering for a chance at some free swag. By entering, they would at least have to do a little research about our sport, and be exposed to it. As we all know, once you see your first game of lacrosse, you get hooked.

Who knows. You may even see a contest here.

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