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Breier’s 3/5/09 Division 3 Review

We are “FULLY” underway now!  This marks the first full week of complete D3 action and there are too many games on the calendar I don’t know where to begin.

Some Key Games This Week:
Do We Got It?: #5 Cabrini @ #11 Lynchburg
The Battle of George: #19 Washington And Lee @ #6 Washington College
First Big Test Up North:  #10 Endicott @ #15 Williams - TUES

Game of the Week: #2 Gettysburg @ #3 Cortland State


This game will be played on Long Island and not in the frigid Upstate New York air.  Gettysburg has to put Wednesday behind them and focus on the task at had; the 2008 Runners Up.  Its one thing to get beat, it’s another to get a beat down.  I’m sure that Coach Janzyk will have the boys fired up for Saturday.  If not, they could be due for a 5 or so loss season.

On the other side of the ball, Cortland has to prove that they just reloaded and are not going to take a year or two off to rebuild like some expected they would. They have opened up putting up big numbers and it looks as if their offense is running on all cylinders and it’s only March.

Regardless it should be a high scoring battle.  The Bullets pull this one out over the Dragons  and save some face and maybe their season 14-12.

Although it’s quite early here’s a little recap what’s been going on.

1.  The first Major Upset took place on 3/5.
2.  Salisbury is crushing opponents early on…again.
3.  The north is shoveling off the fields and getting started.
4.  The points for the top players have been coming in by the bucket load.

On a side note, with all the hits that Kylor Berkman’s E-Lacrose blog has been getting, it makes me wonder how popular my blog would’ve been back in my days.  But then again weblogs, Myspace and deep fried Snickers weren’t invented yet so I would’ve been writing my posts on locker room walls in hieroglyphics.

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One Response to “Breier’s 3/5/09 Division 3 Review”

  1. Bruce Krol Says:

    Really nice statement win for the new look Cortland boys with a very big crowd on hand on LI.  The close defense played outstanding and relentlessly harassed G’burg, but the rest of the facets of the game produced as well.  Game was a tossup at the half, with Gettysburgs goalie making some really nice saves and their offense settling down and making some nice feeds.  Cortland however owned the third Q, with their completely new attack doing the bulk of the damage, and their goalie making some amazing key saves.  Gettysburg made a nice run to try to get back in it after C’land opened up a big lead but the goals were mostly scored in unsettled situations and eventually Cortland got it back together and closed it out. Really nice win the the dragons and should give them a huge confidence boost beating two top teams in the first 3 games…many thought they would be 1-2 after three.

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