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Checkin in from Foxboro… Cornell Upsets Virginia

Wahoos Lose

Cornell pulled off a huge upset as they defeated the #1 ranked University of Virginia Cavaliers.  The Big Red played flawlessly. Their game plan was possession. Just like last week Cornell controlled the tempo of the game. They couldn’t help the fact that just about everything they threw at Virginia goaltender Adam Ghitelman seemed to get sucked in like a black hole into the net. At the end of the first half he only had 2 saves, and 8 goals against.

I will say this for Ghitelman, his defense was not helping the situation. Between missed coverages, poor slides, players just not having their head on a swivel and missing the cutters, it just seemed like no one was communicating out there on defense.

UVA didn’t get the ball on offense much. Cornell baked up their shots, and Ghitelman wasn’t making any saves. When UVA did try and transition, they committed some unforced turnovers. When they did have scoring opportunities (when not completely missing the goal), Cornell goalie, Jake Myers made the necessary stops.

I called it in my preview…when UVA middies get stymied, UVA loses. Virginia’s midfield totaled 1 goal and no assists. On the flipside, Cornell had 8 players with goals.

The show-down is set for a Central New York final…the question remains…will SU get title#10, or will Max Siebald carry his team to their first title in 21 years.

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3 Responses to “Checkin in from Foxboro… Cornell Upsets Virginia”

  1. Glen Doss Says:

    John Glynn is a beast!

  2. Carol Says:

    This game was a big disappointment. Was not impressed with the way UV handled  or did not handle things.

  3. Stegs Says:

    Gotta admit it was nice to see them fall.
    They are a real good team…but there are some weaknesses.  In those big games, their midfield just can’t get the job done.  That is how they lost to Duke, and that is how they lost to Cornell.

    I am happy to see a new face (Cornell) in the championship. 
    I think they have improved after midseason, and are playing excellent the past two games.

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