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Originally posted on LaxSpot on 1/28/08

So I promised that I would give some feedback on my Yoga experience this weekend, so here it is.  I went to Yoga twice this weekend, and I have two completely different opinions of the classes and Yoga itself.  On Saturday morning I went to a 930 class where I was the only male and there were four total people there for the class.  It being my first time, I had no idea what to expect, but everyone (all 4 of them) were very nice in helping me get through the class.  Not knowing what to expect, I left the class with a pretty good feeling and actually thought to myself, “This was pretty easy, I don’t get the big fuss over how tough it is.”  This class was a little over an hour long and I felt pretty good when I left.

I went home to a house of jokes when I walked in the door, but after I told them about it, they were a little interested.  There was another class on Sunday at 1130 that I wanted to try and believe it or not, Christie and my friend Matt were interested in giving it a try.  Sunday morning rolls around and the three of us are off to Yoga.  When we show up there are already about six people there and by the time the class started there were 8 more people.  Going into this class I was expecting an easy hour of stretching and breathing, but after more than an hour and half my opinion of Yoga had completely changed from what it was on Saturday.  The girl who taught this class was amazing, she had me pushing my body to another level as I stretched deeper and longer.  My legs were burning, my arms are burning, Im sweating, but incredibly relaxed.  All three of us left this class feeling great, and like we just had a workout like we have never had before, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to putting it into my workout routine.

As I sit here trying to let you know what Yoga is all about, the only thing I can tell you is to give it a shot and form your own opinion.  I am pretty flexible, so I found that some of the poses and stretches were easy, others take lots of practice, but even if you are not very flexible, the instructor helps you so that you do not hurt yourself.  Give it shot and let me know what you think.

Busy week this week for me.  I have a busy Monday and Tuesday with school, schoool meetings, and basketball.  Wednesday I have school and than will drive up to Rahway, NJ for practice.  We play San Jose on Thursday and I cant wait to see Madison Square Garden.  Friday I have court in New York so that I can get all of the Workmens Compensation stuff settled from last year when I tore up my knee at training camp for the Titans.

Super Bowl weeekend, predictions?

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