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Originally posted on LaxSpot on 3/25/08

How is everyone doing?  After a 10 day break from school, I am now back and not too happy about it.  Where did my spring break go?

For Spring Break, I stayed in Baltimore and just did some stuff around town.  On Tueday of last week, I got the chance to go out to Perry Hall and help coach the Varsity lacrosse team.  I had a blast coaching these kids.

The rest of the week was spent doing things around the house, “meating” out at the gym, and hanging out at the park with Mason.  On Friday I spent all day in Perry Hall again helping the rec program out at their Good Friday Clinic.  It is a long day (8-430), but the kids have a lot of fun.  After the clinic, I headed back to Federal Hill to meet up with Brenden Mundorf before hitting the road to New Jersey for Titans practice.  After a really good practice, we headed back to the hotel for some quick sleep, so that we could make the 8 am breakfast and film session. After film, we got back in the car and made out way to Trenton, NJ for our shoot around practice at our home arena for the weekend.  Just to let everyone know, we play our home games at Madison Square Garden, but because of the preseason strike, the Garden released the arena dates, so this season we have spent the majority of our games on the road (11 out of 16 games to be exact).

After practice, we headed to the hotel for a team lunch, some relaxation, and basketball (I loved seeing Duke lose).  Saturday we played the Wings (Philly is an hour away from Trenton), the number one team in the league and the team that has beaten us every time we have played them.  When we got to the arena, Philly fans were already there, and they were rowdy.  For those of you who havent experianced a game in Philly, you have to go see it, it is amazing how much these people love the Wings players, but there is something a little different about them (that is all I am going to say).  It was a hard fought game and the Titans were victorious but a score of 20-13.  This was hands down the best game we have played all year.

After the game, we headed back to Baltimore (big day Sunday).  I have my family over for Easter and I had to cook all day.  We had a feast of Brisket, Lamb Chops, Potatos au Gratin, Spinich Salad, and cheesecake for desert.  It was delicious if I say so myslef.  Yesterday was my last day of spring break and it was spent in court at Jury Duty.  It was a miserable way to enjoy my last day of break, but extremely interesting to say the least.  I got selected to be on two different jurys, one for attempted first and second degree murder and the other for possession with intent to distribute of heroin and cocaine.  Luckily for me, I was excused from both juries.

Now, I am back at school, and back to my normal routine, I hope everyone has a good week and I will talk to everyone soon.

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