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Originally posted on LaxSpot on 05/14/200

How is everyone doing?  It has been a couple weeks since I have checked in, so I wanted to catch up and let you know whats been going on the last few weeks.  The Titans defied all odds that were placed upon them to make it to the Eastern Conference Championship against the Buffalo Bandits.  Unfortuently, they came up short and ended the season Saturday night in Buffalo.  It was a great season for the team, and I met and learned a lot from some great players and better people.
Outdoor is in full swing, with training camp now behind us and our first game against Chicago this Sunday.  The last two weekends, I have left Baltimore on Friday afternoon and flown atleast seven hours to the other side of the country for training camp.  We had two practices Saturday and one again on Sunday before getting on a plane and flying another 6 hours home.  I must say, I like flying and dont mind being on airplanes, but it gets hard when you get home at two in the morning and have to get up at six to start the work week off.  Training camp went well, we had a alot of guys that played incredibly hard to get a spot on the team and I would not have wanted to be the coaches trying to pick the team.  After three weeks, I feel that the coaches did a great job picking the team and getting us prepared for the season to begin.
With the season less that a week away, I checked out what the experts are saying about the upcoming season and am amazed that they have picked us to finish last.  Now, I guess I can understand since we traded away Ryan Powell and Chris Rotelli retired, but at the same time the best teams arent always the most talented.  We may not be the most talented, but over the last few weeks we have come together and I will take a team over a group of individuals any day.  There is only one ball in play at a time and when you have a team, they will share it, when you have a group of individuals, they all want it.
I will leave you with this, look out for the Dragons during the 2008 season, we just may surprise a few people.

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