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Originally posted on LaxSpot on 03/24/2008

well ladies and gentlemen, we are about four weeks away from training camp, and it is crunch time.  i have increased my cardio, continued to push myself in “power hour” and to be honest i continue to crush the weights.

i recently realized that this was all working when i decided to throw on a shirt that i have actually have never fit into. another gift from sofletes from a few years ago.  he got me a large, and said it was because i was a meathead and figured i would want something tight…i think he got the large with the intention of letting me know that he thought i was fat.  either way i am officially willing to wear this shirt in public(well at least in the gym), it reads:

the first rule of “ioc” is:
you dont talk about “ioc”
the second rule of “ioc”:
you dont talk about “ioc”
and if this is your first day in “ioc”:
you have to fight

Just a little spin off of a great movie (fight club).  by the way “ioc” is a recon marine unit (at least i think) and yes i do know that it was made for meat heads to wear but hey i think i am a meathead at heart.  dare i say “metro meathead”…i am defintely a “metro redneck”.  anyway i love that i can wear a large and at worst i look like one of those jerks inthe weight room in a wife beater, who is doing curls in the mirror, grunting, and taking frequent water breaks at the water fountain near the yoga studio, i love red bull.  ok i think you get the idea.

lets get down to business.  today i got an e-mal from trey reader of the new jersey pride, wanted to know what size jersey i wanted, uhhhhh hello xxl.  and for cryin out loud how many options do we really need for elbow pads…some of these things freakin things cover your whole dang arm..what ever happened to taking it like a man?  i have requested the absolute smallest elbow pads that are available, and the smallest shoulder pads that warrior makes, even though i have no plans on wearing shoulder pads.  what about the shafts?  ummmmm, dont they just sell titanium anymore?  oh, you mean there are 400 different variations of titanium and several hundred “alloy mixes” out there…i chose two shafts that i never plan on using…red diamond thingy-ma-jiggers, that will be traveling to southern md to my wifes cousins, that is of course if they dont already have one.

now to the heads…i mean i dont have a freakin clue about the heads…i use an edge that i baked in 2001 and a blade that paul cantebene gave me since they are hard to come by anymore(the original blade mind you) soooo what is a “clutch” and a “truth”?  nevermind i’ll just take one of each, by the way in the case you were wondering i would like my ferrari in black, thats right baby dont forget the navi in that joint.

huh, you arent buying us cars. . .what about an apartment for the season? no d***ok well i at least get a signing bonus dont i?  huh?  well i know i get a new helment and some new gear, that and the oportunity to smash heads with some dudes that i quite honestly believe are over rated (no names, sorry).

the count down has begun, in the next couple of weeks i will be pushing myself to the limit.  i would love to hear any of your comments, on how you like to get ready for the begining of your season.  how do you relax, get pumped up, and how do you get your mind in the right place to compete for a whole season of pounding it out on the field?

hopefully some of you can give me some suggestions for how to get geared up that i dont already use…thanks in advance!

Originally posted on LaxSpot on 02/15/2008

Sweeeeeet, Im headed for Deep Creek MD ladies and gentleman, after an awesome valentines day dinner, that only cost me one arm and one leg, the boys are headed out of town for a couple of nights to relive our youth.  Myself and a couple of buddies are going skiing, one of whom is former LA riptide teamate Jon Fellows, this should prove to be a fantastic couple of days!

I am not only excited about the vacation but the idea that I can use the skiing as a workout.  If you have ever been to WISP you would know that it is NOT a very hard place to ski.  Black Diamonds are more like the greens in vermont so I am not all too worried about getting hurt.  In fact I am really excited to be skiing during a time that I am in pretty good shape.  In years past I have gone, but I was not playing and not keeping in shape, creating body aches and the desire to leave the hill earlier than my friends.  not to mention when you get fatigued and try to continue you are increasing risk of injury….and don’t worry, I always know when the right time to stop is, I have already blown out my knee, I don’t need to do it twice.

Continuing with my thought that this is a great opportunity to get a big workout in, I am all together pumped, the guys who I am skiing with are pretty good skiers and if I can keep up with them I can probably burn some serious calories.  We purposely made the trip so that we leave this afternoon and wont have much time to hit the bars tonight, that way we are not sluggish in the a.m.  this way we can feel alright about hitting our favorite Deep Creek spot, the Black Bear Tavern, live music and cold bevi’s!!!

anyway I got a couple of really great workouts in on Monday, Tues, Wednesday, had to take last night off and obviously traveling tonight, so I have to get a good workout from this weekends trip.  My trainer and I have decided to up the amount of time we spend together, by one more day a week.  Reason being, I have noticed that I make significant progress on the days we meet and when we do not I feel like I could be doing more.  this way I get my a$$ handed to me more often and when I workout myself I cen feel confident that it is a much needed break…although I must say they do not feel like “breaks”.

I am still doing the workout that my meatstick marine buddy sent me, but I have decided to ad some flare to it.  I start with 30 mins on the bike on random hill at level 10 to get the blood moving.  then I do whatever the first super set is in its entirety, then immediately to the treadmill for 10 minutes of sprints.  I follow each superset with 10 minutes of sprints on the treadmill and end with some abs….KILLER

OK I will be sure to fill you in on the ski trip…one of my buddies is single so the rest of us are pulling for him!

Justin a.k.a.


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