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Originally posted on LaxSpot on 1/14/2008

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and their week is off to a great start.  I figured with the first game of the season in the record books, I would give you a recap of my first weekend in the NLL.

Bryan Barrett, Erik Miller, and myself took off Friday afternoon from BWI on our way to Portland.  We had to stop in Atlanta which still seems odd to me that we had to go south before making the northwest cross country flight.  The flights werent too bad, actually the flight from Atlanta to Portland was pretty neat.  Each seat had its own touch screen TV and it had a variety of movies and a trivia game that the whole plane could play agaisnt each other.  My mini DVD player wouldnt work (I think I forgot to charge it), so I played trivia for a while before switching over to PTI and Sportscenter.  After Sportscenter, I rented “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”  I found it hilarious and Jessica Biel is pretty easy to look at too.

We got into Portland around 730 and had to wait for the rest of the team to get in so that we could catch the bus and go to practice.  We finally got to practice around 9-930 and had a really good one hour practice.  After practice, we ordered some pizzas and hit the hay.  Game day is here and we have flim and scouting report at 9 for the O guys and 930 for the D guys.  After that, we are off to the Rose Garden for a shoot around.  Following the shoot around, we had some time off.  Barrett was my roomate, and we ended up sitting around watching the Packers (GO PACK) beat up on Seahawks before we ate lunch and got ready to head out to the game.

We left the hotel and made our way to the Rose Garden at 5.  Once at the Roses Garden, we had our informal warm-up, followed by our offical warm-up.  Game time is fast approaching and the team is getting ready to play.  I didnt play in this game, but the excitment in the locker room was amazing.  Game time is here and Barrett and Anthony (A-train) Kelly and I head up to a suite to watch the game.  What a game it was, the team played great and we pulled out a victory and shut up a lot of the naysayers that were out there.  Following the game we went back to the hotel to drop of our stuff and headed out to see what Portland had to offer.

Sunday, 415 am the bus departs and we head to the airport to head home, so much for sleeping.  I am guessing that  the flights home were good, all I remember was getting on the plane and waking up as we were landing in Minneapolios and doing the same from Minneapolis to Baltimore.

Once I got home, I had a few hours to watch the Giants vs Cowboys game, cook some dinner, and hang out with Christie and the dog.  Another work week is upon me and its time to get prepared for Buffalo on Saturday.

I hope that everyone has a good week and I will check in again next week to tell you all about our Buffalo trip.

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