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Where has the summer gone?

Originally posted on LaxSpot on 07/18/2008

How is everyone doing?  I am finally back in Bmore after a two and a half week work trip to New Jersey with a game in Rochester in between.  The Rochester game was brutal, but that is all I am going to say about that.  Tomorrow we play Boston in Naval Marine Corps Stadium which should be pretty sweet.   The stadium is really nice and I have never played there before, so I am looking forward to it.  Boston is a tough team and we will have to play well as a team to pull out the W.
THe summer has been a busy one and I have been all over the country playing lacrosse and running camps.  This sport has grown so much, it is amazing to see the talent of players in other parts of country and how much it has grown over the past few years.

With the summer more than half way over, I finally have two weeks off to relax and enjoy the things I have yet to do this summer.  Next week I am planning on playing golf twice in preparation for my big game in the Outer Banks with my girlfried Christie’s dad and all of his friends.  They are pretty good and I am not.  I am also going to go tubbing down the Gunpowder River.  It seems childish, but is a lot of fun and relaxing.

I hope everyone has a good week and I will check in soon….

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