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Ray Megill’s Blog - Performance Lacrosse Training

bio-photoTo start off this first blog I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I played defense for the University of Maryland from ’03 to ’07 and my major was mechanical engineering.  Yes… mechanical engineering… some people thought I was crazy for picking that as my major, but it was well worth it. My thoughts were if you are going to get a scholarship for school, or have the opportunity to make it to college, you might as well get the most out of the education. Although I had to put a little more time into my schoolwork than others, I really learned how to balance lacrosse, social life, and academics. It may seem like a tough task balancing all three, but it’s really not that bad and the experience is well worth it.

Ok, Ok enough with the boring stuff.  Lets see…currently I am on my way up to Vermont to go snowboarding with my bro, sis, and mom. I left work around 1 today (which was a good thing because Maryland traffic is awful) and drove home to NJ to pick them up.

O yea forgot to mention I have a full time job for a mechanical contracting company in Rockville, MD and I have my own little lacrosse company called Performance Lacrosse Training. In addition, I play in the MLL for the Boston Cannons. I guess you can literally say I’m always running around. Some people tell me I’m a workaholic but I truly enjoy what I do and every hour of work that I put in.

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  1. Joe Says:


    My 11 years old son has been playing lax (midfield) for over 5 years. He has played the last two years for a travel team, but recently got cut from the team for the 2010 season. It seems he is always “on the bubble” with making these teams. He is a good player and has the ability of being a really good player. He understands the game, but I am not sure he has had the right coaching (targeted to my son’s needs) to improve his game.

    I came across your websites as I was searching for some individual instruction. Would you be able to help my son?


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