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LaxPunk’s Team USA Picks

USL released the list of 84 who are going to fight for their right to represent the US in the 2010 World Games in Manchester, England.

Right off the bat you look at the list and you’ll see that two of the Powells are missing.  Punk wonders what’s up with that?  Perhaps Mikey is throwing a hissy fit or he’s sticking it to the establishment…or perhaps he didn’t want to play?

Well enough about who’s not on the list, let’s see what we can do with folks who are on this list.  Now if you didn’t see the list, check it out HERE.

There are a lot of younger guys on this list and it makes Punk wonder where are the bulk of the veterans?  Are they black listed due to the failure to win the gold back in 2006?

Punk’s picks are so precise that tryouts are now not necessary.  I kept 34 because you need a decent size squad for practice but less will get to travel to the big show.  The rest will be making appearances at birthdays and camps while the tournament is going on.

Ryan Boyle
Ryan Powell
Joe Walters
Chazz Woodson
Matt Danowski
Tim Goettelmann
Mike Leveille

Alex Smith
Matt Striebel
Kyle Harrison
Paul Rabil
Stephen Berger
Peter Vhalakis
Steven Brooks
Benson Erwin
Max Seibald
Matt Poskay
Matt Zash
Kyle Dixon
Jon Christmas
Danny Cocchi
Andy Corno
Kevin Cassese
Pat Heim

Nicky Polanco
Eric Martin
John Gagliardi
Kyle Sweeney
Chris Passavia
Jack Reid
Brett Hughes

Brian Dougherty
Chris Garrity
Mickey Jarboe

Bring back the Gold!

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3 Responses to “LaxPunk’s Team USA Picks”

  1. Rip Says:

    Punk you really are a Punk!

    Anyone can pick a list of 34…  Try cutting it down to the mandated 23, that’s the hard part.  I’ll do you a favor and cut 11 guys to set the team right.


    Mickey Jarboe
    Brett Hughes
    Pat Heim
    Peter Vhalakis - don’t need him if you have Smith, and Harrison to fill in if needed
    Andy Corno - see above, why do you need another FOGO?
    Jon Christmas - At midfield, not one of the best options.
    Chazz Woodson - don’t need 7 attackmen

    Tim Goettelmann - see above
    Matt Zash
    Danny Cocchi
    Stephen Berger

    Step into my office Punk… You’re fired!

  2. ChiLax Says:

    USA is going to need every faceoff guy that they can have to compete with Canada.  I think you keep a guy like Erwin but you don’t need Cocchi.  Berger is a keeper though.  That kid can rip it.

  3. Fuzz Says:

    Lax Punk….Matt Zash - I dont think so.  Greg Downing would run circles around him.  The kid was a starter for LA Riptide and starring now for the Boston Blazers.  Hes a COMPLETE midfielder - plays both great O and D…especially in the NLL.  Hes one of Bostons only 2-way players - that says alot about his abilities.

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