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Punks Playoff Picks - Update

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 5/14/08

Punk did pretty good in his picks last weekend.  Well at least in the men’s side of things!  Here’s how good I was.  Punk had UVA in the D1 women’s championship…so luckily my winner is TBD! 

D1: 7-1 (Lost UNC game)
D2: No games
D3: 6-2

D1: 4-4 (Lost Vandy, Towson, Gtown, UVA)
D2: No games
D3: 4-4 on Sat plus 4-0 on Sunday

So much for getting the picks for today’s games.  Cortland is losing 9-7 in the 4th.  That could throw off Punk’s D3 championship picks.  We’ll stick with my original picks and see how things go the rest of the way.

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