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Originally published on LaxSpot on 1/11/08

Punk likes to watch The Wire.  What a great show!  Unlike HBO’s other hit series, The Sopranos, things actually happen in this show and it hasn’t dragged on for years.  Since they’re in Baltimore, you know that they all have to play lacrosse.  If they could only learn to play together, they’d be a sick team.

This is my All-Time starting team for The Wire Lacrosse Club who plays their games out of Clifton Park.

Sgt. Jay Landsman

Frank Sobotka
Quick and versitile feeder from the X.
Det. William “Bunk” Moreland
A Garbage Man on the crease, Bunk loves to use the big booty to shield off defenseman.
Senator Clay Davis
This trash talkin attackman has a rocket outside shot.
Marlo Stanfield
Always looks good in the newest lax gear.
Chris Paltrow
The do-it-all middie who gets the dirty work done.
James “Jimmy” McNulty
If sober, Jimmy can use his moves to score.
Omar Little
Omar loves to swing the lumber and spends a lot of time in the box.

Thomas “Herk” Hauk
Punishes anyone around the crease and hates sprints.

Howard “Bunny” Clovin
He got the nickname “Bunny” from his sick checks.

Joe “Proposition Joe” Steward
Prop Joe’s size makes it tough to score.
 Water Boy   Mascot     
Randy Wagstaff
Reduced to waterboy for snitchin
on Bunk’s stat changing.

Hilarious on the sidelines.

Contains some bad language…so beware.

YouTube Preview Image

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