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Well, well Laxers!  It has been a while and Punk has been anxiously waiting for Spring and the rebirth of the NCAA season.  Sure indoor is great, but that’ll be a topic for another post.  E-Lacrosse’s new blog platform is going to bring the game to folks on a personal level which is pretty rad.

The season already started last week and Punk has to get his favorites in so it doesn’t look like he’s jumping on the bandwagon come May. 

With the way that the sport is growing, the parity at all levels is going to be insane.  There may be an outright #1 or top 1-5 but beyond that every Saturday is going to be a war.  And we’re lucky to have even more games games on the tube this year!!

So here are Punk’s top teams of the 2009 season.  Of course there won’t be updates every week, but you’ll see how these picks will end up and of course Punk will be right on the money!

The Division 1 List
1.  Virgina
2.  Syracuse
3.  Cornell
4.  Maryland
5.  Duke
6.  Georgetown
7.  Johns Hopkins
8.  UMBC
9.  Navy
10. Penn State
     The Divison 2 List
1.  NYIT
2.  C.W. Post
3.  Limestone
4.  Le Monyne
5.  Dowling
6. Mercyhurst
7. Adelphi
8. Merrimack
9. Molloy
10. Wingate
      The Division 3 List
1.  Salisbury
2.  Gettysburg
3.  Middlebury
4.  Stevenson
5.  Cortland
6.  Ithaca
7.  Roanoke
8.  Washington
9.  Cabrini
10. Wesleyan


And Punk doesn’t want to leave out the ladies as you know that he is a big fan, so here are the D1 Women’s picks for 2009.  Northwestern may be favored to repeat but not on my list…

The Division 1 List
1. Syracuse
2. Northwestern
3. Virginia
4. UPenn
5. Duke


See ya at the fields and hope to see ya at the shows!!

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