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Verticle_Standard_LogoPunk really likes the idea of these big showcase games annually built into the lacrosse schedule.  No doubt about it.  This year there are 3 of them.  And if you count Final Four, you got a 4th.  It’s cool to go to the big stadium with a decent crowd and see some top notch lax while you’re at it.

However, Punk has a bone to pick with these folks that set it up.  Seriously, Why on earth would you hold it this early.   It’s way tooooo cold out to go to watch two lax games.  I know the point was to start the season off with a bang and the first couple were to see if it went well and then set up other one’s during the season.  I get it.  But c’mon how about a few more weeks until it warms up a bit.

Punk’s crew went to the games last year and we were miserable.  It was a combination of windy and cold so we had to spend the 2nd game at the bar.  We were all lucky the first year that it was like 50 degrees.  The weather is predicted to be in the low 40’s for Saturday.  That’s not fun for anyone.  Especially for someone with kids.  Luckily Punk doesn’t have any. (I think that we’re all lucky about that one!!)

So on tap we have JHU vs Princeton in the first game.  This will be a nail biter with two boring non-lethal offenses.  If it’s too cold, you can show up for the second half of this one and catch the excitement at the end.  Princeton edges out the Hop for the win.

The second game has MD vs Duke, which could be a better game with more scoring.  Punk saw that the Dukies lost to Harvard, are you kidding me!   Who knew there was that much turnover in Dukeland?  Maryland smokes Duke in this one by at least 5.

We better have some nice weather on Saturday because Punk’s a sucker for some lax, already got his tix and would love to see some pretty ladies out there!  Club level is the way to go so you can go inside and watch on TV if you’re frozen.  It’s worth the extra coin.

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