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Originally published on LaxSpot on 1/27/08

I don’t know how I can top that All-Time Best of The Wire team post.  Man that show is great.  I watch a week ahead on On-Demand so i won’t ruin anything for ya this week. 

So apparently I messed my NLL fantasy team up by not starting a D-man.  I will have to get on the wires and get a good transition guy.  I’m 0-1 right now and when the site updates, I’m sure to be 0-2 when they re-tally.  I have a good group of guys and I messed it up.  Way to go Punk!

Here’s the guys on my roster:  A good group, I messed up.  I guess my dominance from last year is over.  I’ll rebound just wait.

edm  f   mike accursi 
tor  f   ryan benesch
chi  f   mat giles 
phi  f   dan marohl
buf  f   delby powless
edm  f   ben prepchuk
tor  f   josh sanderson
edm  f   dan stroup 
buf  f   john tavares
col  f   jason wulder 
tor  g   toronto goaltenders

So punk hit up two shows last week which is crazy because I haven’t been able to hit up any shows lately.  The first was a total pop-punk show with The Queers at the Ottobar in Baltimore near JHU.  Punk had a great time sporting his GIANTS jersey in front of those new england pop-punkers.  They rocked even though Joe had a bum voice from playin so many shows over the past few weeks.  I was upset that I missed The Leftovers because the Giants celebration was going on and it took a while to get to the show. 

On monday I hit up the sidebar in baltimore to check out a great local rock n roll band, Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children.  It wasn’t too crowded, but as always they put on a good set.  Goin out on a Monday is always tough even for punk.  This gettin old thing sux.

“Don’t Play with the Dead”

 YouTube Preview Image
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