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What’s Up With Marching Bands??

Originally published on LaxSpot on 1/2/08

Punk is a fan of all types of music, but what’s the deal with marching bands?  While watching the bowl games this week, I’ve discovered a new pet peeve; and thats the out of date gear that they are forced to wear. 

The feather in their weird hat is does not make anyone feel good.  And what’s up with the strap at it’s chin on the hats as well!?  Seriously?  They have to wear these cheesy looking jackets made of polyester.  They should really update the band attire.  

Living in Baltimore, you can go to a Ravens game and see these folks dressed up all silly too.  I know that there’s a tradition behind it, but why make a kid in the band look silly.  For crying out loud, it’s tough enough to play an instrument.   Don’t get me wrong, these folks are extremely talented.  But dressing up like a clown probably doesn’t make it much easier.

The tuba guy should have the story, “This one time, at band camp…I duct taped down the conductor until he promised us some new threads.”

I guess that I’m glad that the marching band isn’t a big thing in lacrosse.  If you’re going to bring an instrument (which is highly recommended because its cool) please do so.  Just leave the silly outfit at home.

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