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Punks Playoff Picks

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 5/9/08

Punk loves the playoffs!  Time to separate the punks from the nerds.  Predicting the outcomes for the ‘08 playoffs will be harder than ever this season with all the ‘parity’ out there this year.  Punk even has the scoop on who’s going to take the women’s championships too. 
D1 Mens:  - I guess my prior picks were wrong seeing that Georgetown didn’t even get into the tourney.  How’d I not see that coming?

First Round
Duke over Loyola
Ohio State over Cornell
Johns Hopkins over Hofstra
North Carolina over Navy
Syracuse over Canisius
Notre Dame over Colgate
Maryland over Denver
Virginia over UMBC

Duke over Ohio State
Johns Hopkins over North Carolina
Syracuse over Notre Dame
Virginia over Maryland

Duke over Johns Hopkins
Syracuse over Virginia

Duke vs Syracuse - Winner TBA!

Cuse has had a great season, but so has Duke.  This game will be high scoring.

D2 Mens:
First Round (May 17th)
Lemoyne over Bryant
Limestone over NYIT

Lemoyne vs Limestone - Winner TBA!

D3 Mens:
First Round:  It already happend on Wednesday but Punk would’ve picked all the winners.  OWU, Bowdoin, Springfield, WNEC

Second Round:  
Cortland over Springfield
Middlebury over Bowdoin
Ithaca over Williams
Saint Lawrence over WNEC
Salisbury over OWU
Haverford over Cabrini
Washington over Lynchburg
Gettysburg over Denison

Cortland over Middlebury
Ithaca over Saint Lawrence
Salisbury over Haverford
Gettysburg over Washington

Cortland over Ithaca
Salisbury over Gettysburg <–Punk flipped this from his 4/30 picks

Cortland vs Salisbury - Winner TBA!

Yes for the third straight year these two powerhouse state universities will face off in the D3 finals.  Punk expects to see lots of tight shirts and gold chains on one side and shaggy hair and madaras shorts on the other.  A standard NY vs MD battle.

Now time for the ladies.  Gotta love the ladies!  I think their sticks are better than guys after watching some top teams play this season.

D1 Womens:
First Round:  
Northwestern over Notre Dame
Vanderbilt over Princeton
Towson over Syracuse
Virginia over North Carolina
Maryland over Temple
Georgetown over Duke
Boston U over New Hampshire
Penn over Colgate

Northwestern over Vanderbilt
Virginia over Towson
Maryland over Georgetown
Penn over Boston U

Virginia over Northwestern
Maryland over Penn

Virginia vs Maryland - Winner TBA!

Upsets, upsets, upsets.  You heard it here first!

D2 Womens:
First Round:  
Adelphi over CW Post
West Chester over Limestone

Adelphi vs West Chester - Winner TBA!

D3 Womens:
Second Round:  
Salisbury over St. Mary’s
Rowan over Catholic
Gettysburg over Middlebury
Hamilton over Colby


F&M over Babson

W&L over Amherst

Cortland over Union

TCNJ over Claremont
Third Round:
Salisbury over Rowan
Hamilton over Gettysburg
F&M over W&L
TCNJ over Cortland

Salisbury over Hamilton
TCNJ over Cortland



Salisbury vs TCNJ - Winner TBA!
I didn’t want to pick all the winners now.  You wouldn’t have to even pay attention to the games as my pick’s are right on target!



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