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Punk’s Lax Update

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 2/27/08

Men’s College Lacrosse is in good shape thus far in this cold 2008. Last weekend, at least here in Baltimore we got two games on regular TV (Loyola v Towson, MD v Gtown).  I was told that ESPN U had the JHU v Albany game on also.   Not too shabby if you didn’t want to freeze your butt off.

From what I personally saw, and I know it’s Week 1 for most teams, Towson is in for a long year, Gtown will turn things around and the Terps could be in for a real fun year with those freshman.  That one kid Grant Catalino is a big boy who has 7 goals already.

What is up with Virginia?  They should be mopping the floor with teams such as Drexel and Stonybrook but they didn’t.  At least they came out on top and also took down Vermont this week as well.

As far as who is “The Team” right now, it’s too early to say.  I like North Carolina winning some games.  It’s about time they turn around that program.  If not, send Haus to my office, cuz he’s fired.

In D2 action, Bryant spanked Adelphi.  I don’t know how Adelphi is supposed to be this season, but this is something out of the ordinary in D2.  I know of all the hype over Bryant with Pressler there, but thats a wollop of a win, 16-7 starting out 6-0 for the Bulldogs.

The main D3 story has to be that Salisbury barely held off Lynchburg for a 10-9 victory and according to Gull Fan, it was the first time that the Gulls were blanked in a quarter since a 3-2 OT win vs OWU in 2001.  Punk was there.

And finally, I think that there’s nothing better than a lax-playin chick as I saw quite a few last weekend at various lacrosse functions.   I guess I have a soft spot for a nice gal that can lax it up.  Does that make me a laxtitute?  If so, I’m okay with that and feel free to label me.



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