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Punk - Lax Ramble

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 3/12/08

Just rockin out at work here…it’s Social D time.We had yet another great weekend of lax and things are only going to get better as the weather warms up.  Besides that, Punk can start wearing the hammock without being too cold. 

The lacrosse classic a couple weekends ago was a good time except the frigid weather.  I didn’t even make it to Flogging Molly later that night due to the adult beverage consumption.  I saw the Lax Spot folks there hitting on every girl that walked by.  I guess that’s how they roll?

Big win for the Flyin’ Dutchmen last week.  Pride is just a lame name and Punk refuses to say it ever again.  JHU had a tough week with a tight one against UMBC as well.  Punk thought Loyola was going to have a turn around year, but they just balled up and took steel tipped kodiaks to the teeth for about 60 minutes against the Dukies.  Their pride was out the window after the opening whistle and it showed.  If you’re playing big time D1 ball, you should wear that heart on your sleeve all day, not just out at the bar trying to pick up chicks and start fights at CVPs.  Okay, I said pride again but they looked ridiculous and had HUGE heads after a few wins.   

I would update on my Fantasy NLL team, however the good networking folks have placed a block on the site here at work.  Maybe I’ll take some time from being rad to check it later.

The Pogues are playing tonight in Baltimore with the Pietasters.  Always a treat to see the Pietasters as they put on a fun and energetic show.  Grab your keys in one hand and your beer in the other..drink! drink! drink!



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