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Punk: All-Star Re-cap

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 7/21/08

The MLL has done some strange things in their day, but overall Punk feels that the MLL does a good job with what they have right now.  But Punk is wondering if he should register his discontent on the MLL-All Star Game or give the MLL praise?

Punk understands that it’s critical to get the kids to follow the game, so all the college stars that haven’t even played a half of a season, make the all-star game.  Good work guys!

31-15…that’s the kind of scoring that the league wants, so was that a good thing?

2-Point Accuracy Shot?  Benson Erwin was basically rolling the ball into the net.  Pretty cheesy.  Punk could’ve gave these pros a run for their $$ in that event.

Berger’s flying acrobat shot was actually more funny that anything.  I guess its tough to think of a new and exciting lax shot.

What are your thoughts on the game?  Good, bad…ugly?

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