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New Years Lazy Days

Originally published on LaxSpot on 12/28/07

So I figured out the plans for NYE.   Two parties, and they’re only a few blocks away from each other, so thats win-win.  Now Punk’s just gotta find himself a nice lady to ring in the new year with. ..wink wink.  I guess he’ll just have to wait until the irons hot to strike.So I went on the NLL homepage and man that site was rocking out.  They have a jukebox goin in the background.  I think thats just as great as playing music while the games goin on!  I’m just playing, it brings a cool attitude to the site which is good if you’re looking for that attitude.  I’d prefer to hear RUSH since the Canadians dominate the league.

Now that this laxspot.com site is available to the public, I hope that folks take the initiateve and start their own blogs, groups and such because you probably don’t want to read Punk’s drivvel.  It’s the type of individualism that Punk normally speaks of.   This is the Internet in its true form, allowing the users to put up anything they want (within reason per the site).  Who am I kidding.  Hopefully some lax starts soon so we can really Punk out.



The jury had down right contempt for punk rock grass roots ethics.
-Jello Biafra


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