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Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 8/20/08

Punk made it down to the Ocean City Lax Classic this weekend and started thinking wow, this game is growing.  There were 40 men’s teams in the tournament and about 80 in all  It’s always a great weekend, but the tournament overall was questionable.

Here are Punk’s thoughts:

1.  40 teams is a lot even if there is an A & B division - somehow, separate the good from the bad.
2.  Winning teams should not play in the morning.  Save that for losers.  Punk couldn’t tell you the amount of guys that were on winning teams and were telling me that they had 8,9,10am games.
3.  Sunday games are a no-no unless you are playing for the gold.
4.  Take into account that the atmosphere is why folks go to your tournament.  Set up tournament parties and have local watering holes and eateries involved in some deals to draw players.  Bikini and or wet t-shirt contests are always welcome. :)
5.  Find an arena that can handle the amount of teams.  If not available have concessions and stuff available at all locations.
6.  If the tournament rules are set in advance, have all refs and tournament officials stick to them.  Some games had 4 poles, some 5, some 6.
7.  Re-seeding the teams on Friday night at 10:30pm is bad.  There were some rain delays so it had to happen, but seeding should take place at the beginning not half way through and you don’t know when your team is going to play.  Use this years finish to seed for next.  New teams get the lower seeds by default.

Punk still loves the OC tournament and will be back for years to come to hang out and party and really likes the fact that the game is growing so much to handle 40 teams in the elite division of a tournament.  But don’t be so greedy in the future.

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