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Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 6/5/08

Punk has been one busy dude lately.  But since I didn’t get a chance to address my peoples, I figured I’d give it all to you know including the 1st Annual Punk Awards - 2008. This award is about just being nasty on the field and having everyone want to be you off the field.  So basically its just a player of the year or something.  Punk doesn’t want to think too hard, so here they are.

1st Annual Punk Awards - Sponsored by LaxSpot.com (Powered by the Lacrosse Community!)

D1 - Paul Rabil - JHU -  Nasty, nasty, nasty!  And proved it in the National Championship Game.  He drew the LSM all season.  Without the supporting cast that some other studs had, he put it all on his shoulders.  50 points (36,14)

D2 - Greg Cerar - CW Post - He put up some great numbers as a junior and he can feed the rock as well as he scores.  67 points (43,24)

D3 - Kylor Berkman - Salisbury - A 2nd championship for Kylor as he led the Gulls at the midfield all season.  81 points (33,48) for a midfielder ain’t too shabby!

Thanks to all for reading this season.  I know that you’re smarter and more awesome (awesomer) for doing so.   Punk will keep on posting as I hit the summer tournaments, the beach and tryin to juggle all of these lovely ladies.

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