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Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 4/30/08

Punk has been laying low for the most part as of late. I got to go to a great show this past week featuring Trever Keith from Face to Face. He played his new solo album but announced that Face to Face is back together (well part-time anyway) but is planning on touring again starting this summer. It is a must make show for anyone who is a fan, or is into any type of music!

So there is a big weekend coming up to decide the seedings in all divsions. I can’t give any brackets, because that would take too much thought tonight. But if the Final Four weekend was upon us, here are Punk’s picks. On Sunday, May 4th, we’ll have a better picture of what to expect.

Most of D1 is pretty much set. Will there be a Delaware this year, who knows. Duke had a handle on UVA in the ACC finals until the 4th quarter, but with that potent offense, they should cruise into the Final Four. In D2 will most likely be the norm. D3 however, watch out for Cortland. They are putting up numbers and I don’t think that anyone in D3 can stop Ryan Heath. Gburg may just put a stop to Salisbury’s streak of finals appearences.


Champion: Duke


Champion: Lemoyne


Champion: Cortland

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Face to Face - Disconnected

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 4/1/08

Wow, some shake ups in the polls over the past few weeks.  Punk is surprised by Cuse and MD thus far.  After the dismantling of UVA by MD, just think how good this MD team could be in a year or so after these freshmen get some big game experience.  (Like UVA, Duke, etc don’t count). 

Two teams that have Punk perplexed are Towson and UMass.  I can understand UMass having some trouble due to the brawlers, etc, but what’s up with Towson? 

Punk posted a poll prior to the season and now its time to re-evaluate.  Punk was right with JHU not being #1 his original poll.  It’s tough to pick those 10-20 because they beat on each other all season.  The top 10 is the place to be.  So here is Punks Top 10 with 11-20 in no particular order and two surprise votes because Punk likes to cause trouble.

1.   Duke
2.   Syracuse
3.   UVA
4.   UNC
5.   Maryland
6.   Cornell
7.   Georgetown
8.   Navy
9.   Norte Dame
10. UMBC

Johns Hopkins, Hofstra, Princeton, Drexel, Loyola, Stonybrook, Harvard, Delaware, Salisbury, Lemoyne

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