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No need to beat around the bush…it’s playoff time!  Punk is always right with his picks and excpects nothing but a solid performance in his choices across all 3 divisions.

Division 1
Round 1
#1 Virginia vs Villanova - Virginia
#8 JHU vs Brown - JHU

#4 Princeton vs UMass - Princeton
#5 Cornell vs Hofstra - Cornell

#2 Syracuse vs Siena - Syracuse
#7 Notre Dame vs Maryland - Notre Dame

#3 Duke vs Navy - Duke
#6 North Carolina vs UMBC  - UNC

D1 - Round 2
#1 UVA vs #8 JHU - Virginia
#4 Princeton vs #5 Cornell - Cornell
#2 Syracuse vs #7 Notre Dame - Syracuse
#3 Duke vs #6 UNC - Duke

D1 - Semis
#1 Virginia vs #5 Cornell - Virginia
#2 Syracuse vs #3 Duke - Syracuse

#1 Virginia vs #2 Syracuse - Virginia

Division 2

Limestone @ CW Post - Post
Merrimack @ Le Moyne - Le Moyne

D2  - Finals
CW Post vs Le Moyne - CW Post

Divsion 3
Round 2

Springfield @ #7 Cortland - Cortland
#12 Western New England @ #13 Tufts - Tufts
#18 Saint Lawrence @ #2 Middlebury - Middlebury
Eastern Connecticut @ #17 Wesleyan - Wesleyan

#11 Denison @ #1 Roanoke - Denison
#10 Washington And Lee @ #6 Gettysburg - Gettysburg
#14 Cabrini @ #4 Stevenson - Stevenson
#5 Salisbury @ #8 Haverford - Salisbury

D3 - Round 3
Cortland vs Tufts - Cortland
Middlebury vs Wesleyan - Wesleyan

Denison vs Gettysburg - Gettysburg
Stevenson vs Salisbury - Salisbury

D3 - Semis
Cortland vs Wesleyan - Wesleyan
Gettysburg vs Salisbury - Salisbur

D3 Finals
Wesleyan vs Salisbury - Salisbury

USL released the list of 84 who are going to fight for their right to represent the US in the 2010 World Games in Manchester, England.

Right off the bat you look at the list and you’ll see that two of the Powells are missing.  Punk wonders what’s up with that?  Perhaps Mikey is throwing a hissy fit or he’s sticking it to the establishment…or perhaps he didn’t want to play?

Well enough about who’s not on the list, let’s see what we can do with folks who are on this list.  Now if you didn’t see the list, check it out HERE.

There are a lot of younger guys on this list and it makes Punk wonder where are the bulk of the veterans?  Are they black listed due to the failure to win the gold back in 2006?

Punk’s picks are so precise that tryouts are now not necessary.  I kept 34 because you need a decent size squad for practice but less will get to travel to the big show.  The rest will be making appearances at birthdays and camps while the tournament is going on.

Ryan Boyle
Ryan Powell
Joe Walters
Chazz Woodson
Matt Danowski
Tim Goettelmann
Mike Leveille

Alex Smith
Matt Striebel
Kyle Harrison
Paul Rabil
Stephen Berger
Peter Vhalakis
Steven Brooks
Benson Erwin
Max Seibald
Matt Poskay
Matt Zash
Kyle Dixon
Jon Christmas
Danny Cocchi
Andy Corno
Kevin Cassese
Pat Heim

Nicky Polanco
Eric Martin
John Gagliardi
Kyle Sweeney
Chris Passavia
Jack Reid
Brett Hughes

Brian Dougherty
Chris Garrity
Mickey Jarboe

Bring back the Gold!

Verticle_Standard_LogoPunk really likes the idea of these big showcase games annually built into the lacrosse schedule.  No doubt about it.  This year there are 3 of them.  And if you count Final Four, you got a 4th.  It’s cool to go to the big stadium with a decent crowd and see some top notch lax while you’re at it.

However, Punk has a bone to pick with these folks that set it up.  Seriously, Why on earth would you hold it this early.   It’s way tooooo cold out to go to watch two lax games.  I know the point was to start the season off with a bang and the first couple were to see if it went well and then set up other one’s during the season.  I get it.  But c’mon how about a few more weeks until it warms up a bit.

Punk’s crew went to the games last year and we were miserable.  It was a combination of windy and cold so we had to spend the 2nd game at the bar.  We were all lucky the first year that it was like 50 degrees.  The weather is predicted to be in the low 40’s for Saturday.  That’s not fun for anyone.  Especially for someone with kids.  Luckily Punk doesn’t have any. (I think that we’re all lucky about that one!!)

So on tap we have JHU vs Princeton in the first game.  This will be a nail biter with two boring non-lethal offenses.  If it’s too cold, you can show up for the second half of this one and catch the excitement at the end.  Princeton edges out the Hop for the win.

The second game has MD vs Duke, which could be a better game with more scoring.  Punk saw that the Dukies lost to Harvard, are you kidding me!   Who knew there was that much turnover in Dukeland?  Maryland smokes Duke in this one by at least 5.

We better have some nice weather on Saturday because Punk’s a sucker for some lax, already got his tix and would love to see some pretty ladies out there!  Club level is the way to go so you can go inside and watch on TV if you’re frozen.  It’s worth the extra coin.

Well, well Laxers!  It has been a while and Punk has been anxiously waiting for Spring and the rebirth of the NCAA season.  Sure indoor is great, but that’ll be a topic for another post.  E-Lacrosse’s new blog platform is going to bring the game to folks on a personal level which is pretty rad.

The season already started last week and Punk has to get his favorites in so it doesn’t look like he’s jumping on the bandwagon come May. 

With the way that the sport is growing, the parity at all levels is going to be insane.  There may be an outright #1 or top 1-5 but beyond that every Saturday is going to be a war.  And we’re lucky to have even more games games on the tube this year!!

So here are Punk’s top teams of the 2009 season.  Of course there won’t be updates every week, but you’ll see how these picks will end up and of course Punk will be right on the money!

The Division 1 List
1.  Virgina
2.  Syracuse
3.  Cornell
4.  Maryland
5.  Duke
6.  Georgetown
7.  Johns Hopkins
8.  UMBC
9.  Navy
10. Penn State
     The Divison 2 List
1.  NYIT
2.  C.W. Post
3.  Limestone
4.  Le Monyne
5.  Dowling
6. Mercyhurst
7. Adelphi
8. Merrimack
9. Molloy
10. Wingate
      The Division 3 List
1.  Salisbury
2.  Gettysburg
3.  Middlebury
4.  Stevenson
5.  Cortland
6.  Ithaca
7.  Roanoke
8.  Washington
9.  Cabrini
10. Wesleyan


And Punk doesn’t want to leave out the ladies as you know that he is a big fan, so here are the D1 Women’s picks for 2009.  Northwestern may be favored to repeat but not on my list…

The Division 1 List
1. Syracuse
2. Northwestern
3. Virginia
4. UPenn
5. Duke


See ya at the fields and hope to see ya at the shows!!

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 12/20/08

Punk’s buddy (who isn’t as hardcore as Punk) wanted to post a blog but he was worried about what the ladies would think.  I thought it was worthy of posting, a funny play on us laxers and it is geared for the holidays.  Thanks Alex…I mean ‘bro’!


It’s that wonderful time of year where we all reflect on how dubious we’ve been this past year and try to figure out ways to fix ourselves. Some of us are perfect as we are, but in the lacrosse players mind, we always have something to fix.

10. Find a team with the most ridiculous team shorts and join the team just to get a pair. Also make sure the team has an awesome name like “The Butt Probes” or “Just the Tip”.

9. Make sure my tan line is rockin by may so I can make sure all the ladies know I am on a lax team and maybe they will give me the time of day.

8. See number 9 and make sure the ladies get a ticket to the gun show. With this kind of tan, my guns look bigger than ever!

7. Make sure i get some floral print summer gear. chick’s dig it.

6. Make sure I say bro more than 10 times per day.  They might revoke my lax card if I don’t keep up with this one.

5. Buy some pro gear and then wear it on the field so dudes think I’m the man. (and then let them realize I suck when I play).

4. Get my plaid bermuda shorts to relax in. People will know I’m a laxer then.

3. See number 4 and add some brown flip flops that have frayed edges so it looks like I’ve been wearing them for 3 years already. I started this flip flop fad!.
2. Get some elephant sized sun glasses that hide my entire face. The ladies won’t know i’m ass ugly if they can’t see my face.

1. Start growing out the do in january so the locks o’ lovin’ are flowing out the back of the helmet. add a curling iron to the back so it looks sexay! (if you aren’t into the locks, then make sure that hair gel is in full stock so you can spike it to the ceiling bro!)

With these new resolutions, the ladies will be flowing your way and all your goals will be pinging corners.  Here’s to a better laxer in you for 2009.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 10/23/08

Wassup Laxers!  Punk’s too old to worry about Fall ball, so there’s no lax really going on until the NLL season gets started.  Can’t wait to see Gary give it another go up in Rochester.

Punks heading to the NOFX show on Friday.  It should be filled with Fat Mike’s lame political lectures, but most importantly some some rockin tunes.  Punk hopes to hear “Linoleum”, “Moron Bros” and who couldn’t go without hearing “Bob”.

Friday night we’ll be drinkin’ Manishevitz, goin’ out to terrorize goyim.
Stompin’ shegetz, screwin’ shiksas, as long as we’re home by Saturday mornin!
Cuz Hey!
We’re the Brews!!

See ya at the show!!

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 10/13/08

Punk knew what time of year it was when he couldn’t watch his fun-filled Fox lineup on Sunday night due to the MLB playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, I like the playoffs and championships for just about every sport but baseball is so ridiculous.

The average MLB game takes somewhere in the range of 2.5-3hrs. But why is it that the average MLB playoff game takes 4-5hrs. It’s sooooooooooo boring.

Who wants to watch that on the boob tube? I’ll be happy to watch the highlights on sportscenter.

That’s my rant.

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 8/20/08

Punk made it down to the Ocean City Lax Classic this weekend and started thinking wow, this game is growing.  There were 40 men’s teams in the tournament and about 80 in all  It’s always a great weekend, but the tournament overall was questionable.

Here are Punk’s thoughts:

1.  40 teams is a lot even if there is an A & B division - somehow, separate the good from the bad.
2.  Winning teams should not play in the morning.  Save that for losers.  Punk couldn’t tell you the amount of guys that were on winning teams and were telling me that they had 8,9,10am games.
3.  Sunday games are a no-no unless you are playing for the gold.
4.  Take into account that the atmosphere is why folks go to your tournament.  Set up tournament parties and have local watering holes and eateries involved in some deals to draw players.  Bikini and or wet t-shirt contests are always welcome. :)
5.  Find an arena that can handle the amount of teams.  If not available have concessions and stuff available at all locations.
6.  If the tournament rules are set in advance, have all refs and tournament officials stick to them.  Some games had 4 poles, some 5, some 6.
7.  Re-seeding the teams on Friday night at 10:30pm is bad.  There were some rain delays so it had to happen, but seeding should take place at the beginning not half way through and you don’t know when your team is going to play.  Use this years finish to seed for next.  New teams get the lower seeds by default.

Punk still loves the OC tournament and will be back for years to come to hang out and party and really likes the fact that the game is growing so much to handle 40 teams in the elite division of a tournament.  But don’t be so greedy in the future.

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 7/21/08

The MLL has done some strange things in their day, but overall Punk feels that the MLL does a good job with what they have right now.  But Punk is wondering if he should register his discontent on the MLL-All Star Game or give the MLL praise?

Punk understands that it’s critical to get the kids to follow the game, so all the college stars that haven’t even played a half of a season, make the all-star game.  Good work guys!

31-15…that’s the kind of scoring that the league wants, so was that a good thing?

2-Point Accuracy Shot?  Benson Erwin was basically rolling the ball into the net.  Pretty cheesy.  Punk could’ve gave these pros a run for their $$ in that event.

Berger’s flying acrobat shot was actually more funny that anything.  I guess its tough to think of a new and exciting lax shot.

What are your thoughts on the game?  Good, bad…ugly?

Originally published on LaxSpot.com on 7/10/08

Punk thinks that this has actually been an exciting season in the MLL thus far.  With Philly on the road all year and losing its first 3 games, they have really turned things around but have Long Island to deal with to take the East title.  Go figure that Denver is the top team in the West and probably the entire league.  They had 20,000+ at a game last week.  That’s awesome!  Denver is handsdown the best sports city in the US.   They’ll put fans in the seats for just about anything.

Two teams have been a disappointment so far.  Both Rochester and LA have winning records, but they should be doing a lot better.  Jr. and Casey on attack…are you kidding me!?

And finally, who knows what’s going on in San Fran and Chicago.  Punk expected good things from both and has been let down.  Perhaps more draft picks next year?  Something has got to be done.

Check out the names on this years all-star team.   This league is pretty darn good.

Eastern Conference All-Stars
Spencer Ford (Long Island Lizards)
John Grant Jr. (Rochester Rattlers)
Mikey Powell (Boston Cannons)
Merrick Thomson (New Jersey Pride)Midfield
Stephen Berger (Long Island Lizards)
Kyle Dixon (Washington Bayhawks)
Chris Fiore (Long Island Lizards)
Shawn Nadelen (Washington Bayhawks)
Matt Poskay (Boston Cannons)
Paul Rabil (Boston Cannons)
Matt Striebel (Philadelphia Barrage)
Joe Walters (Rochester Rattlers)Face-Off
Peter Vlahakis (Long Island Lizards)Defense
Brodie Merrill (Rochester Rattlers)
Chris Passavia (Boston Cannons)
Nick Polanco (Long Island Lizards)
Kyle Sweeney (Philadelphia Barrage)Goal
Chris Garrity (Washington Bayhawks)
Rob Scherr (New Jersey Pride)Coaches
Bill Daye (Boston Cannons)
Tony Resch (Philadelphia Barrage)
Western Conference All-Stars
Jake Byrne (San Francisco Dragons)
Kevin Leveille (Chicago Machine)
Brendan Mundorf (Denver Outlaws)
Ryan Powell (Denver Outlaws)Midfield
Steven Brooks (Chicago Machine)
Greg Downing (Los Angeles Riptide)
Benson Erwin (Denver Outlaws)
Matt Hanna (Denver Outlaws)
Kyle Harrison (Los Angeles Riptide)
Brian Langtry (Denver Outlaws)
Jeff Sonke (Denver Outlaws)
Chazz Woodson (Los Angeles Riptide)Face-Off
Anthony Kelly (Los Angeles Riptide)Defense
D.J. Driscoll (Los Angeles Riptide)
Brett Hughes (Los Angeles Riptide)
Eric Martin (San Francisco Dragons)
Lee Zink (Denver Outlaws)Goalkeeper
Mike Gabel (Chicago Machine)
Jesse Schwartzman (Denver Outlaws)Coaches
Brian Reese (Denver Outlaws)
Denver Outlaws Coaching Staff

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