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Karlsruhe Storm Sevens Tournament a success

The tournament started at 11 am on Saturday on the practice field of the Karlsruhe Storm with the match Karlsruhe versus the Bretten Wardogs.
Throughout the next 10 hours 22 games were played. Although the games were only 20 minutes long and on a 70 yard field the stamina of each player was fully tested.

The tournament favorites the Stuttgart Kickers won all eight of their matches beating the Dresden Braves in final 7:2 under the flood
lights.  The 160 minutes of high intensity Lacrosse for each team in one day was capped off by the player’s party, which lasted until sun-up on Sunday.

The atmosphere of the tournament is what Lacrosse is all about: playing hard, respecting the game and having fun.  The short field and modified rules worked extremely well. The most positive result of the day is the
bitter rivalry between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart is only on the field. When the game is over, the hatchet is buried and the keg tapped.

The tournament’s tenacity award went to Stuttgart’s Eric Heintze (#21). The
Goal-Getter award went to Dresden’s Andreas Stolper (#89) with 15 goals in
eight games.


1. Stuttgart Kickers 8-0

2. Dresden Braves 5-3

3. Bretten Wardogs 2-5

4. Karlsruhe Storm 3-5

5. Kurpfalz Tigers (Mannheim/Heidelberg) 1-5

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