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On the 17th and 18th of January 2009 the tryout for the German Women’s national team took place in Düsseldorf under direction of the new head coach Damien Orr.

With his assistant coaches Susanna Ingalls and Molly MCCourt, Goalkeeper coach Björn Lohrenz and fitness coach  Chrisian Schröder he had to select a squad for the world cup preperation.

Over 50 applicants fom all over Germany tried out for the chance to represent their country.  The squad will be announced within the next week and we’ll bring it to you here.

We thank DSC 99 for hosting the tryout.

Mareile Kriwall

After last year’s travel to Philly, this year my flight was to Baltimore. Ähh, not really! First I catch a 3 hour delay in my Hometown Duesseldorf.  Then I get in touch with the British way of disaster management. Did you ever wait 6 hours in a queue? I can say now, YES! When “Yes, We can” stands for the future of the USA, “No we cant” is the answer of the Britsh customer service! So I miss the practice start at JHU which I looked forward to seeing.  I arrived not at BWI, but at Dulles. But, I’m happy just to make it here. My luggage didn’t.

My first step in Baltimore was to find a GAP store and buy me a new outfit. Sounds cool when you know that the airline pays for it, but the time that you lost wasn’t compensated for.

So, back to my plans. My intention was to come to Baltimore and to meet some sponsors from the 2008 U19 World Championship in British Columbia. Especially Brine and Boathouse which send us a ton of stuff.

Thanks by the way to both!  After that I met Pat Finn and John Pirie our great U19 Coaches!  Did you know that the Germans got a 5-0 record in their division and then in the play-in game a OT Win against the Japanese? Yes we did it! 

After that I met James from IL.  I was his host at the last Berlin Open.  He came over to write about the German u19 team.  He got a little bit scared of my driving style.  But I would say its normal. Its german!  We are allowed to drive more than 60 miles an hour there.  But this is another story.  So James invite me to “THE” Party at “Mad River” for the night.  What can I say?  Great people + great beer = GREAT Party! Thanks for that.

My Saturday starts with a hangover and Dunkin Donuts. Not such a good combination. It follows with some more meetings and a lot of water to beat the “Beast of Hangovers”.

And then I meet…

…Sparky. I get not the best start with her. She wears a Ravens Shirt and after she greats me and ends with GO Ravens, I answers with “or not!”.  Forgive a stupid German, but I’m a steelers fan since 10 years. But only for you Sparky, GO RAVENS!

The happenings after this mistake, can you see in the video clip from the convention. So unnecessary to talk about this.

So, coming through the end. It was a great convention. Hope you did not miss it! I will come back!

Dom, the part time Ravens fan…


Starting this blog out, we would like to inform the lacrosse community about some news from Germany.

If you wanna check results or searching for contact you should look at www.DLaxV.de. If you are interested in Game Pictures and all the other stuff take a look at the team website which you will find at the link above.

We will try to inform you weekly until the start of our season on the 15th of March.  We hope that you will enjoy reading about Germany Lacrosse.

For Germany!


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