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Big Youth-Gameday In Cologne This Upcoming Weekend


On weekend 21st and 22nd of March, the biggest youth-game day in Germany ever will be held in Cologne, hosted by KKHT Schwarz-Weiß Cologne.

Teams from Cologne, Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Frankfurt will compete against each other to earn more points for the next German Championship held this summer.

A special feature of this event will be the ISB Brussels Lacrosse Club, who sends two youth-teams way to Germany to play some trial and friendly games against the young generation of lacrosse in Germany.


by  Jakob Da Goalie

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One Response to “Big Youth-Gameday In Cologne This Upcoming Weekend”

  1. Heike Says:

    … Hamburg, German Junior Champion 2008 was there ???? - just look at the photo.

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