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Not so far…History

Did you know that the German U21 program was the first in German Lacrosse history to get a full product sponsorship for a big championship?

Since the start of the program in 2006, the German squad has received support from both Boathouse and Brine. They helped the team look great during their 6-2 record in BC along with a dramatic OT win against Blue Division rival Japan.

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  1. ca palmer Says:

    What encouraging news!  We may be moving to Germany this summer and are so worried for our 14 yr. old LAX crazed son.  He has been playing full contact lax for 3 years and sleeps, eats, breathes lax.  Our biggest concern about moving over there for 2-3 years would be that he may not be able to play.  We  are trying to find out if there are leagues for U17 boys.  

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