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kylorI just woke up for school today and found out it’s a snow day! It’s odd to think we have snow in Salisbury in March let alone we are getting off school for it! We had planned a nice sledding adventure, but it got canceled due to practice indoors.

We have played four games and so far we are 4-0. I like the way we have started this season posting some quality wins against some good competition.  Our offense is finally starting to gel and become comfortable with each other. When we finally find our groove it’s going to be scary how good we can be! Our defense hasn’t missed a beat either, only allowing somewhere around 5 goals a game.

It’s too bad we couldn’t bust out the orange balls for practice and have some fun out on the turf today, but i am sure all will be enjoying their day off. I am getting flack for my sub-par posts compared to my fellow captain Timmy OB (Obranski) on the NCAA.org site.  Timmy likes to over-achieve in pretty much anything he does so I don’t think I will ever be able to solidify myself as the number one blogger on the team.   His superfluous blogs definitely have me beat for sure! I can use big words like he does though…and make it sound much better!

Well have a good week and enjoy the lax! Parity has opened the door this year and I feel like it’s anyone’s game to win. It’s great to see the level of competition rise within the sport. With growth and time it should only get better!

Its Thursday and our season FINALLY begins tomorrow! We have our lift tests at 9 AM then practice in the afternoon. I think everyone is ready to start but not looking forward to the cold temperatures that have settled in Salisbury. Playing lacrosse in the cold is not the funnest way to play, no one likes getting checked when their body is like an ice cube!

For our tests tomorrow we have to be able to bench our body weight 10x, do 15 pull ups, and do 25 dips. The following day we have to run a 1.5 mile in 9 minutes. This coming after our first day of practice so it should be interesting how tired everyone is from practice.

I have to pick up some classes to fulfill my major, it feels weird being a senior and realizing its your last season getting to play in college. Time flys by when your having fun and I feel like yesterday i was coming in as a freshman not knowing what to expect and now my days here are numbered!

In other news, my dog champ, got attacked and his tail fell off and had to be removed, we call him nub now, for the three inch stub he has wailing off his backside, its quite funny.

We have all been working extremely hard getting ready for the 09 season. This is definitely the hardest working year for me as I realize its my last and every person wants to go out with a bang! Hopefully the gulls can be successful this year, our first test comes the following week, and with only a short period for preparation, we have a lot to put in before that time comes.

Lax is here! Enjoy the season boys..

Originally posted on LaxSpot on 12/14/2008

Kylor Berkam Salisbury Lacrosse

So  a new year is underway! It’s almost Christmas time and I think EVERYONE here at Salisbury is ready for the break from school! The semester was tough, but it looks like everyone is going to make it out alive.

When we get back from Christmas break winter term starts and that’s when we get into the grind .Winter term is a month long “mini session” offered at SU. Many kids take courses and it gives the whole team a chance to be here together for a month before the season begins getting in shape and preparing for the upcoming season. This is probably when people will work the hardest to become better and try and go up in the ranks before our first game.

I am looking forward to winter term starting and eventually lacrosse. It is my senior year and we are expecting big things in sea gull land this year. I feel as if already, we have surpassed the work rate of many teams in years past and I am only excited about the bright future that lies ahead.

Ill be posting every Sunday this year, trying to stay on point, anything anyone wants to hear or know about just shout it! I have no problem sharing just need to know whats interests people when they hear about Salisbury Lacrosse or read these blogs!

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