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We’re just getting into the big stretch of our season. The semester has been flying by and the biggest reason is because of lacrosse. We had a great Spring Break trip to St. Croix. We went there two years ago but it was nice to go back and we had a much better playing field this time. Spring Break is always a great chance for us to bond as a team. We get to put down our school work for a few days and just focus on lacrosse. It’s a great way to ease into the season. We played Roanoke when we were down there for the first time ever and played a great game against them. It made our break to take that win home with us.

Since break, we’ve been having two or three games per week. This past week we had three away games which took a lot out of us. Tuesday we were excited to play #4 Gettysburg. It was our second week being ranked at #20 and we had never been ranked before. We played really well during the game but we still have to work on a lot of the little things. Thursday during our Stevenson game we had a lot of problems with ground balls which we worked on before playing Widener on Saturday.

We have such great chemistry on our team this year. It really shows on and off the field. We have a lot of fun on and off the field together and it has been reflecting in how we play. It’s going to be a tough road ahead with 10 conference games and 1 out of conference game left but our team is ready for the challenge.


kylorI just woke up for school today and found out it’s a snow day! It’s odd to think we have snow in Salisbury in March let alone we are getting off school for it! We had planned a nice sledding adventure, but it got canceled due to practice indoors.

We have played four games and so far we are 4-0. I like the way we have started this season posting some quality wins against some good competition.  Our offense is finally starting to gel and become comfortable with each other. When we finally find our groove it’s going to be scary how good we can be! Our defense hasn’t missed a beat either, only allowing somewhere around 5 goals a game.

It’s too bad we couldn’t bust out the orange balls for practice and have some fun out on the turf today, but i am sure all will be enjoying their day off. I am getting flack for my sub-par posts compared to my fellow captain Timmy OB (Obranski) on the NCAA.org site.  Timmy likes to over-achieve in pretty much anything he does so I don’t think I will ever be able to solidify myself as the number one blogger on the team.   His superfluous blogs definitely have me beat for sure! I can use big words like he does though…and make it sound much better!

Well have a good week and enjoy the lax! Parity has opened the door this year and I feel like it’s anyone’s game to win. It’s great to see the level of competition rise within the sport. With growth and time it should only get better!

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